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I had imagined he died more like David Carradine.
Certainly, paying for Apple's intellectual property hurts competitors, compared to stealing Apple's patented products for free. That is what life is like in a society where intellectual property rights exist. Taiwan being unable to copy & resell Apple's patented designs might indeed give Apple a corner on its own patented design. Again, what is wrong with that.
Presumably they will chainsaw a bunch of square miles of forest for this...
Way to be a decade behind the curve... I remember reading Macworld in the 1987-1993 timeframe. It was a nice magazine back then, in another time.
It was actually genius not to sell it there because then it became a forbidden fruit. These are the NYC sourced iPhones (x more millions than even live in NYC). Every Chinese I know with an iPhone 4 bought it in the USA. It shows they "know someone" who can get the phone. Pure genius. The Chinese bought this hook, line and sinker. It captured the attention of >100 million young Chinese. There is no telling the impact this psychological placement has had.
Welp, they also shouldn't do what Steve wouldn't do, so that kind of traps them doesn't it.
My guess is this is the biggest net data load in the history of the Humans of Earth. It is fun to get my 4 devices loading, 39k per second, or 75k, 100k for short bursts. Just imagine the mammoth horsepower in AAPL's data centers, just buckling under the global load.
Again! This is right up there with Hypoxia (The shortage of life giving oxygen in the cells.) 'Tis a scourge upon human kind I tell you! Something must be done about respiratory arrest and cardiac arrest.
I'm not a troll, I have been pro Apple for over 20 years. I have been a booster when I was right. Right now, they are selling a toy to people who don't (yet) know the difference. I have been right about AAPL all along and I am right now, thanks. People who boost everything AAPL are largely just bandwagon followers. It's not new; actually AAPL's success is now old. What's next is the eventual rise of new replacements for AAPL, in the coming decade.
The iPad is a toy, for computer money. I would be more likely to buy a Kindle Fire. $199 is toy money for me. $499 is toy money for the more affuent. IMO Amazon makes a strong point that this market does not justify a $499 price tag. Not to me, anyway. That could buy me a secondary laptop. Laptops are computers, iPad is a toy.
New Posts  All Forums: