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Apple should sue for 100% ownership of Samsung corporation effective immediately.
That's fine, because when my bill gets too high, I just send them less money, because the bill was excessive.
Not at all; plenty of assets are worth money even if they do not spit out cash. It has a value because it's money (literally, with regard to this cash). Even if Apple never pays a dividend, it can be a good investment.. it has value, as cash does (or perhaps better than that). It is an asset that can be converted to money. It need not liquidate just to prove that. Value is enough. Actually, if Apple spits out money and the money goes to tax, the net change in...
This is idiotic. AAPL already embeds the cash value. Paying a dividend results in huge tax liabilities to shareholders including institutions. Up to half the money is instantly vaporized.. this idiotic move could cost investors tens of billions. The only reason AAPL should buy back shares at $375 is if we all believe AAPL is a guaranteed great investment at $375. I would have serious reservations about that. It's certainly no slam dunk. What is a slam dunk is...
Well said. Many things are "obvious" in retrospect. Especially elegant things, like Einstein's theory of special relativity. But, although simple, no-one thought of that before Einstein published it. He rightly receives credit for the innovation. And so on. This doesn't mean Apple deserves a monopoly on touchpads forever. But Samsung has made a clone product. Like the Chinese SUV that is molded to the BMW X5 body. It's not an original product; it is essentially...
The settlement should be that DOJ does their job enforcing USA laws, AT&T obeys those laws, or it can be brought into government management with increasing forfeiture of ATT shareholder assets, the more government time is wasted on law-breaking behavior by ATT.
They accidentally (or kindly) warned everybody in their upgrade ads. Therefore I never bought version 6. Sure am glad, too! I'll buy it when it is 30 bucks or so.
Agreed, I really liked Office 97. Basically against that standard, other than bigger row limits, and nicer PPT, Office has been downgrades since 1997. It's almost worth running an old XP virtual machine just to run old Office.
What about an interface for people who are mentally functioning just fine? You know, an interface to do work with and stuff?
Money isn't everything. Some guys are extremely aggressive with stock ownership (Larry E and Bill G and countless others). Occasionally, they win big and win they do, they go down as the richest people. But equally important and valuable people conduct their affairs differently -- sometimes more prudently -- and end up poorer as a result. Steve Jobs could easily be the richest man in the world, but he didn't organize his Apple shares in that particular way. Same...
New Posts  All Forums: