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What about an interface for people who are mentally functioning just fine? You know, an interface to do work with and stuff?
Money isn't everything. Some guys are extremely aggressive with stock ownership (Larry E and Bill G and countless others). Occasionally, they win big and win they do, they go down as the richest people. But equally important and valuable people conduct their affairs differently -- sometimes more prudently -- and end up poorer as a result. Steve Jobs could easily be the richest man in the world, but he didn't organize his Apple shares in that particular way. Same...
There was no mockery or barb in the letter. That is pure projection of own feelings (probably unrealistic self importance?) by AppleInsider.
I have criticized Apple lately for several things: but never Mr Jobs! Everything he has done and said has panned out! The whole industry today operates on his vision. His influence is too large to measure. The man improved a lot of lives! I tell him thanks and wish him everything golden!
I am often called anti Apple here because I dont support the "App Store" trademark (sic). But Apple is pulling a big win against Samsung. The longer it goes, the weaker Samsung looks. Either they can be a copycat firm or they can be an honorable company. They are choosing copycat which makes them just another junk emporium IMO. Too bad. Samsung has such awesome capabilities. I guess they aren't able to detect mistakes and correct them.
A fake courtroom that doesn't even have any relevance in China seems oddly appropriate for this.
Could user blood somehow be used to charge these devices?
Maybe they could focus on extremely basic bug fixing. Word 2011 14.1.2 still has the autosave error (your hard disk is too full to save this 50k Word file). It's been there for over 10 years. Will Microsoft add saving to the program? It is July 2011. Time to get saving figured out.
Hey I like the 13 inch, it has limited screen but it *is* portable. It also supports an 8GB RAM / 1TB HD configuration at 4.5 pounds. And it has 4 cores now!! The present MBP 13 and 15 can support power-user computing including multiple parallel OS, which for me is running SAS in Windows, Excel, maybe Aperture, Safari, iTunes, STATA etc all concurrently. The Mac platform can support this. But a Macbook Air is not a total Mac computing solution. The normal MBP is...
I guess maybe I am alone in needing to do actual computing work on my laptop computer. So I view this non-optical drive, non-terabyte laptop idea with suspicion. Basically the work I do, could not be done on an Air. What is the point? To run Word? What would this machine be for? FCP editing, seriously?
New Posts  All Forums: