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So you're saying what exactly, pumpkin? Apple can't hire lawyers unless Samsung approves? I didn't hear a legal argument but perhaps you have one?
I don't see how Apple's lawyers would be legally barred from whatever representation of Apple. If Samsung believes these attys are engaging in illegal conduct, by all means Samsung should file suit or file complaints. But if not, then STFU... such attys should certainly help Apple in all legally and ethically permissible ways.
I'm sorry, but addressing a large email with the pronoun "Team" is just.... douchey. He's right though. No software is good at 1.0. Give them a year, they will make it fairly nice. Diminishing returns... iOS 4.0 is pretty good and it will be possible to match that within 12-18 months.
Won't people be surprised and amazed by the unveiling of the giant glass swastika!
Do you refer to other companies as "googles?"
That is a very nice concrete example. The other reason this is a monopoly / duopoly is because no credible new entrant could be formed (because spectrum was stupidly sold directly to the monopolists). People who study this in depth (i.e. industrial organization economics) will realize that kind of auction was destined to create and reinforce permanent monopoly companies. How could ATT / Verizon go bankrupt at this point? They would last 350 years now. This market was...
In many fields... airlines, banking, cable TV, cell phones... the govt has basically abdicated its anti-monopoly role. The laws are there, they just never get enforced anymore. If I worked for DOJ I could prove a bunch of different ways that an ATT/Tmobile merger is illegal.
Skype is horrible and badly coded on any platform. Always has been. Handy though.
Apple's new releases greatly pleases many "prosumers" like myself. It also temporarily angers some professional FCP editors while they wait for features. Compare the number of Prosumers (5 million?) with the number of professional editors (20,000?) and get back to me. I think we have been giving creedence to FCP editors as if their priorities are Apple's own. Well, I am a prosumer and I matter much more to Apple than the pros do. Great, seeya.
They didn't "pull" the old version from existence. It is still there. This is just a new option for you. If you don't like it, probably you could wait until it improves. A mega-app like FCP needs to mature in the "ecosystem" for at least a year before it settles down. Start your clock now and wait a year. You'll probably get what you want.
New Posts  All Forums: