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Does it work offline, or without using compromised, government-visible cloud storage?   You know... basically is it worth a damn?
IIRC, Apple users download more stuff (and are over-represented online) because they are more active users and possibly have a more pleasant, less fatiguing experience. The result is double the data Android users probably pull down.
Really wish Gates hadn't killed Steve.  It was so mean of him!!
You're not being consistent.  I never said Office 2013 was necessary or good.  It's actually horse manure.  Not ready for prime time. Office 2011 is.  It's the only "good" Mac release of Office that's ever been done IMO.  Yes -- it has Ribbon interface.  As the entire world has -- and will have -- for probably the next decade.   I don't suggest you need to enjoy Ribbon -- only that, if you use these tools -- and intend to work at all -- you'll need to fully adjust...
Office 2011 is fully current - not "long in the tooth."   Know what's long in the tooth?  iLife and iWork.  Microsoft is way, way ahead in the arena.  Re: the Ribbon interface -- I used to agree - but deal with it, we're 5+ years into it.  There is no going back.  It is what it is.
And stuff.
Oops! Subtract genuine China iphone sales by 8 million. "Appel Strore" across China are getting 8 million packages in the mail.
  Good to hear!  Maybe you would take exception to the article's portrayal of Reno as a wasteland of abandoned motels where nothing happened for 15 years...  maybe that is just an AAPL savior narrative.  BTW looking forward to visiting your city one of these days.
    The Communist Party of China absolutely agrees with you.  Screw the people and steal all the technology/wealth in the world.  It's about their family over yours...  any way they (government officials) can.  That simple.
Will they be employing any actual Americans at the site? Hard to imagine Reno has the exact kind of engineers Apple will need. Either they move people in, train locals or bring in visa candidates. I wonder which.
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