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  Apple today is about as interesting as General Mills.  Breakfast cereal too has innovations every year.
Who inside Apple has enough clout to introduce the next surprising, disruptive invention?     Oh, nobody?  Yeah, even ol' Steve barely had enough clout to do that.  Steve suddenly got famous in 2010-2011 when the iPad was a hit even though all agreed it was a "stupid idea," his 9th "stupid idea" in a string of successful, profitable, revolutionary ideas that were ahead of the curve.   Apple hasn't done an interesting "stupid idea" since Steve died.  It is run by...
Share buybacks are theoretically ideal.  But in a sentiment driven market, buybacks can backfire.  What if Apple soaked its money into $500/sharre and it went down to $200/share?  The money would be gone with zero value created.  That's because sentiment and faith are still a big part of the stock at $500/share.     We have no idea how Apple will make money in 2015-2020.  Just no idea.  I'm not saying they won't, but they will have to start innovating.  Otherwise...
Watch men who create nothing froth at the mouth for Apple's worth and credibility.  Apple was originally run by a man who created things.  That is what creates true wealth and value.  You can engineer Apple's balance sheet to hell and back and it won't add one cent of fundamental value.  MBAs should be running pencil factories and selling breakfast cereal.  Apple's business model is anti-MBA and that has been the source of its value.  Watching Apple end that innovative...
I know, let's have MBAs run Apple into the ground. 
Usually deceptive people do not admit "I am right now deceiving you."  Instead, they claim that they are not being deceptive.  That is actually a necessary part of the deception.
Apple should have taken a different tack.  Instead of saying Galaxies were _like_ Apple products, Apple should have asserted that galaxies _were_ Apple products.  It's really theft.  Samsung was manufacturing Apple's products without a license.     It's just like selling a recording of a Beatles song, but pretending you wrote it and refusing to pay royalties.  The offense is not releasing the product; the offense is stealing their revenue for their song.
So, the return of Sherlock.
Apple to cease Mac Pro sales in Europe. *But* it is possible Apple will totally sell Mac Pros in Europe, even though they just said today that they will cease doing that. Definitely a great article!
  This is true, but Office 2011 came so, so close to perfect.  It actually made Mac more of a viable platform than it's been.     Yes, fonts are not exactly the same when you go between platforms.  But it's close.  They really tried hard and put out a damn good product with Office 2011.  Also, SP3 just came out for it.     As for Excel and PPt, I haven't had an issue.  Just having _real Excel_ on the Mac is a big deal to me.  Finally Excel Mac is strong enough to take a...
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