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5 hours. LOL. My 2.33 ghz MBP has NEVER gotten 3 hours. Not once. The typical operating time is 2 hours. 1.5, if things are heavy. That's on a new (<1 year old) machine in typical "power user" tasks... such as web browsing, iTunes, and obviously using some backlight as well, in order to see properly. 5 hours is a complete load of crap. Nowhere near reality.
Is there something wrong with the iMac for enterprise? Most enterprise workstations (>99%) are stock machines with simple video, modest ram, word processing/email/Excel and that's it. 99%. iMac can handle that. The iMac is no server but as a node, it is one of the best. About this event.... I really think Apple should focus on the TV appliance market. Go deep.
Heh... Time Machine is just so complicated it was bound to have a thousand bugs. It is so revolutionary and advanced a concept. It can't be battle hardened for at least a year, I say. It will be a neat curiosity after 10.5.2 though. So far, I did not turn it on.
Cycle: 1) No known issues 2) Users report new problems 3) Apple fixes new problems 4) No known issues 5) Release new build and repeat This is how it's done. Quibble with the masters if you have to. Makes you look dumb.
In the USA, we have 7.5 million millionaires in 2004 (says CNN / money study). The stock market has done well since that year. Other estimates top 9 million. It really varies how you decide to simulate things. Any which way, China is not similar to the developed world in terms of net worth, yet. Frankfurt alone will have more millionaires than all of China. That is my extrapolated guess at this time.
Huh??? China has NO Where near as many millionaires as the US does. Not even in 5th place would be my guess. Japan would be second, far behind the USA. Then probably Germany. Somewhere below that, China. Of course, that will change in years to come. Beijing for example has many millionaires -- many of them, foreigners who live and work in China. Will they want iPhones, YES of course they will. Shanghai will have a major store too before 18 months are up. ...
Some people said OS 10.5.1 was already just perfect. Really, I got flamed here for saying OS 10.5 has been buggy. Especially 10.5.0. Hopefully THIS will be the prime-time hardened release. That is clearly what AAPL has in mind.
Yes, Vista is better tested no question. Leopard is today running on 5 million machines. Vista must be 20 million to 50 million or more. That doesn't mean Apple does a bad job. Apple actually does a very good job. 10.5.0 should have been 10.5.1, which includes some essential fixes. That said, the Leopard release has met the mark on quality. Soon, it will deserve the label of "ultra-stable."
Those are very nice earnings. Whatever the stock does, I don't care. People could not have reasonably expected better. So, they are just selling perhaps because they need money NOW for some reason. Since I don't, I will sit tight. Somewhat surprised at the strength of these holiday earnings.
Overdoing what, drugs? Not lately, but 10.5.0 had several problems I can mention such as (1) the "data loss" problem, which struck my brother; (2) MacBook "stuck" problem which Apple corrected via Firmware (computers are hard to use when they're stuck); (3) poor quality installer that wiped a lot of people's drives. A lot of people lost a lot of data because of 10.5.0. It was hairy. When my brother called Apple, the tech said "they released this thing WAY too early" and...
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