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Leopard 10.5.0 had several small but deadly bugs. Within 3 weeks, Apple had corrected them. Those were 3 terrible weeks. 10.5.1 seems pretty spiffy. Not perfect but quite good. 10.5.2 will be the real deal. Currently, 10.4.11 is unbeatable for mission critical machines. Soon, 10.5 may be that good but not yet.
I believe Apple will offer 2 Apple TV products: #1: $299 Apple TV with HDTV tuner, ability to control cable / sat boxes. * Interface for channel navigation and information -- now your TV surfing is an Apple experience, no matter what. * Possible ability to record like TiVo * Digital media server / iTunes browser just like it is now. Ability to send email and possibly web browse if desired. * DVD player. (which costs Apple about $25 to put in) * Upshot:...
Rolo, thank you, that is exactly what I am hoping they will build. All these know-it-alls saying "13 inches is not ultraportable" SHUT UP!! 2.5 lbs or less, in such a tiny profile, is ultraportable. A screen smaller than 13" is just impractical in today's age. Second Life, deep Flash web content, multiple parallel OS's, you need some decent screen space. The challenge is to shrink everything except the screen. LED allows you to shrink the battery, as does the...
Absolutely, but we should not belly-ache about a 1 week old OS lacking 1 feature, and go around insulting the best efforts of aapl OS engineers generally. But no matter. They will correct these issues and even the most fervent complainers will be happy. 10.4 made us all happy, I am willing to bet.
Apple is the best OS maker. They have made a new OS to the best standard humanly possible. What is your problem with the human race? Do you think Michael Johnson is a slow runner? Do you make a habit of complaining about the best efforts of the human race? Screw that. Apple is doing a great job. You want stability, I suggest a great product called OS X 10.4. You want an experimental new release with some bugs, try 10.5. They are both the best in the world at what...
I am really enjoying Leopard. It looks really pretty and the new features look cool. OF COURSE IT HAS BUGS!!!.... it is a new architecture. It was ready for public release. That DOES NOT MEAN it is ready for mission-critical apps. Wait until 10.5.3 at minimum for mission critical apps. Until then, Lepoard will not match Tiger for stability. Obviously! But I still think it's a very promising new product. All you whiners who complain about the methods of the...
Very interesting post. Thanks for the details. bwik
Well, Japan would do a hell of a lot better if Apple had some decent mini-laptops. I'm not talking sub-Macbook. That should be their main line. I'm talking about sub-sub-Macbook. That's what the Japanese want. And that's what I want too.
Well I for one think Steve's opinions are correct most of the time. We have tried this both ways. Apple went through a period when they did not trust steve. It was called 1986-1997. THEN, Apple went back under Steve's guidance. That period was 1998-2007. Any questions? I'll take the Steve route for $1000.
I was one who tried to calm down the masses. Apple knew they were feature-behind because they are strapped for software engineers. Patience. Apple always delivers quality in the end.
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