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  This is true, but Office 2011 came so, so close to perfect.  It actually made Mac more of a viable platform than it's been.     Yes, fonts are not exactly the same when you go between platforms.  But it's close.  They really tried hard and put out a damn good product with Office 2011.  Also, SP3 just came out for it.     As for Excel and PPt, I haven't had an issue.  Just having _real Excel_ on the Mac is a big deal to me.  Finally Excel Mac is strong enough to take a...
I don't understand the comments against Office.   Office is THE global standard.  Office will be around after Apple is gone.  That is a fact!   I am an AAPL fan and stockholder to this day!  But, as somebody "with a job," MS Office is part of how the adult world collaborates and communicates.   No, LibreOffice is not even close to compatible enough to be worth its free price.     This MS pricing scheme is stupid, though.  Just buy the software.  It is...
In an Apple style world, Apple no longer has a unique product to sell. That is the problem.
New features since 10.6 are so minor that they would scarcely qualify as a single point release back in the days of 10.2 or 10.3.  Those were big bumps in usability and features, back then.  Today?  I'd call it maybe perceptible, but given that Apple is the most powerful hype machine globally, that's an impossible thing to really test.  I use Parallels, SAS, Adobe, FCP, Office 2011, Stata among my regular tools.  I'm happy.  Maybe 10.8 has a new feature or two; don't...
10.6 was a meaningful upgrade over 10.4. I suppose 10.8 is fine. But get real, nothing has really changed since 10.6. Nothing that matters, anyway. And that's fine - but the notion of upgrading these days is devoid of really any meaning.
In my forthcoming book, APple is DOomed.
While I enjoy my Macbook Pro, I also enjoy my late 2012 Acer 11.6" netbook.  It cost $239 refurb.  Dual core Celeron 877 1.4 Ghz, 4GB RAM, 500GB low profile hard drive.  It's actually gets away with being a real computer (just.)
"I sentence you to be EXPOSED before your PEERS....."   "TEAR DOWN THE WALL!!!!!!!"  
LOL.  Streamlined?  Can someone tell me why Apple has a Macbook Air 13, and a Macbook Pro Retina 13 Flash?  And a Macbook Pro 13?  All with different screen sizes?
This is exactly like FCP X.  Apple had to make a move.  Historically, Apple's v1.0 products are NEVER good.  It's not supposed to be good.  It is a strategic move for Apple Inc.  Of course, legacy systems such as Windows XP are much more reliable and developed.  That is the advantage of using old, legacy products!  Sometimes they work great.     Apple will fix this Maps app like they always do.  Right now the people piling on are the sheeple.  This is the same old...
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