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AAPL 200 -- I've been saying this for several years now. People used to think I was smoking crack. Now I can afford to!!
Geek porno, right on. Only 2 employees!! Hello!!!! I mean, come on.
Where were they in 2005 with this $160 forecast? Answer: Their 2005 forecast was dead wrong. Their 2006 forecast ($90?) was very probably also wrong. They are concerned that, again, they will be wrong. So they upped the forecast. Their track record has been consistently wrong through history, particularly in regard to AAPL. They have been too pessimistic. Instead, they should apologize for being such incompetent analysts. What basis to they have to make...
That's really sad, because I love to use computers on planes. Guess I never will be able to again. Also, the MBP is pretty nerdy looking. I have one and it's a lot to deploy in a coffee shop, it feels like flying the space shuttle.
A bigger bonus will come when we get solid state hard drives. That plus LED means you only need battery power for the processor + graphics card. Depending on what you have there, you could have 6-7 hours of life.
Did the CEO of the Bank of Canada create the Bank of Canada with his bare hands? I'm sorry I am not aware of his being known around the world as a genius who created the Bank of Canada. Maybe he's just an average CEO. Steve is no average CEO. He is the best in the world at the moment. We can see this not only in Apple's success from 1997-2007, but because most people like Apple and feel good about buying its products. Also, the future is very bright. The world needs...
Tell me who contributed more to the prosperity of the USA in the last 5 years than Steve Jobs. He truly built Apple with his own mind. Everyone in America should thank him. He made my life better. He also made me richer thanks to AAPL stock. To me, he created this money so he deserves it, and more. And as a stockholder, my opinion counts.
That's like saying the iPod was not a revolutionary product. It came years after the first Mp3 players hit the market. Yet, overall I would say it was revolutionary -- in that it "caused a revolution" in the way people use that kind of product. The iPhone could do the same -- or if not, some OTHER company will design a BETTER iPhone with nicer design, features and tie-ins. Somehow I don't think that's going to happen, at all. Apple is being handed the smart phone...
It would be super ironic to have the Beatles release their albums in horrible 128k AAC audio quality as the world debut of their remastered catalog(ue). At least give us 192k AAC for our hard-earned currency! Thank you!
I know that is the position of the MPAA, but how is it different from ripping CDs into iTunes, which is fully supported? Legally, how could one distinguish.... and where to music videos fit in? How about ripping television shows you taped? These really are considered Fair Use. Remember, they tried to outlaw VCRs using the logic you describe. Can't blame them for trying, but legally I don't know how strong the MPAA party line is at the moment. To speak nothing of HDR...
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