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Well, Japan would do a hell of a lot better if Apple had some decent mini-laptops. I'm not talking sub-Macbook. That should be their main line. I'm talking about sub-sub-Macbook. That's what the Japanese want. And that's what I want too.
Well I for one think Steve's opinions are correct most of the time. We have tried this both ways. Apple went through a period when they did not trust steve. It was called 1986-1997. THEN, Apple went back under Steve's guidance. That period was 1998-2007. Any questions? I'll take the Steve route for $1000.
I was one who tried to calm down the masses. Apple knew they were feature-behind because they are strapped for software engineers. Patience. Apple always delivers quality in the end.
Steve usually does not blab untrue timelines. Steve is known for his accuracy on timelines. If he said late next year, he probably means late next year. Otherwise he will get a reputation as a liar (or under-player) and people will expect upside on every projection he makes. His track record is more neutral (and extremely impressive at that).
This seems like a routine operation. No, this is not news. The granting of these options was news at that time. The use of them -- as expected -- is, simply, not. It is a bit like breathing or going to the bathroom. When your in-the-money options are set to expire, you will obviously exercise them, or else you are insane and enjoy giving up $15 million chunks just for laughs. It's proper and all to report this, but it is not new information. Steve pays his...
Oh my God! Quit complaining people! Like Apple owes you anything. Just last week the new iLife did not exist. You were happy. Now Apple releases an *early initial release* of a suite with a *2 year product cycle* things are not perfect, and you flip. Go get a life. Make something yourself. Apple makes wonderful things all the time. They improve them constantly in response to user input. Their software improvement regime is exceptionally good -- I would say...
It sounds like Apple knows iMovie 8 is short on features. They will release iMovie 8.5 with the missing features, I am sure they will! They didn't "delete" the features; this is a new platform. They simply have not "added" 6 gens of features back into the new platform yet. Relax.
I also have an economics degree from an ivy league university. We're a dime a dozen. I am glad AAPL is getting $9 a month! That's, uh, $216 extra for AAPL. But I'd rather they just sold more iPhones. But, AAPL is very smart wizard, I worship, AAPL strong and smart. Yes, Ivy League.
cameronj you have shown good restraint on here. Thumbs up. AAPL valuation has little to do with discount rates or g values whatever that is. Those values should be baked in by market convention. What really matters is sales volume of the iPhone, and intangibles such as how many people hope to buy the iPhone, iTV in the future. AT&T's package is a mite too expensive. I really wish the package were $50 or so per month -- $35 plus $15 for internet. ...
AAPL 200 -- I've been saying this for several years now. People used to think I was smoking crack. Now I can afford to!!
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