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LOL.  Streamlined?  Can someone tell me why Apple has a Macbook Air 13, and a Macbook Pro Retina 13 Flash?  And a Macbook Pro 13?  All with different screen sizes?
This is exactly like FCP X.  Apple had to make a move.  Historically, Apple's v1.0 products are NEVER good.  It's not supposed to be good.  It is a strategic move for Apple Inc.  Of course, legacy systems such as Windows XP are much more reliable and developed.  That is the advantage of using old, legacy products!  Sometimes they work great.     Apple will fix this Maps app like they always do.  Right now the people piling on are the sheeple.  This is the same old...
Although some people have illnesses, hunger, death and the like, I am so goddamn frustrated by the orientation requirement on Apple and other cords.  Sometimes I think life isn't worth living this way.
Apple seems to be taking the right approach.   Experimentally, we know from records and articles from that time that iPhone and iPad were original, contrarian designs that Apple alone introduced and popularized.  We know it because key players all ridiculed the design and told Apple it was stupid.  This proves their self development story is a fraud, crafted to justify an illegal pirating of Apple's design.  By mocking the design at intro time, Apple peers...
I hope it won't have Apple products like my Macbook Pro used for business critical tasks.  If you plug in an external DVI monitor, the logic board just crashes after a few hours.  It's normal; they all do that; Apple machines aren't designed for real business use.
hard to imagine a more thorough failure than that, isn't it.
Note to self: Exploit automatic security update vulnerability in Mac OS Mountain Lion. Create security update to take information. End
Once you make an argument for communism, there is no turning back. The NYT could perhaps set the wages for everyone in our society. No doubt they would set theirs rather high.
  OK I will admit the same thing occurred to me.  But then again, Apple is a California company, and Judge Koh was a California judge for years, has lived in Silicon Valley, and still lives in California.  It is likely Apple has materially increased value of property she may hold, etc.  I think she may care more about California than she does about South Korea.  Also, she is a US government official.  She's probably biased toward Apple overall.   Troublingly, she may be...
Well, I had a 2.33ghz core duo macbook pro in early 2007.  It had 3GB of RAM and eventually a 500GB hard drive so yeah, I'd say that was comparable.  Not as good as this new product, but not like a very meaningful leap, either.   The main advance appears to be unibody structure, IMO.  Now that was a giant leap.
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