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Note to self: Exploit automatic security update vulnerability in Mac OS Mountain Lion. Create security update to take information. End
Once you make an argument for communism, there is no turning back. The NYT could perhaps set the wages for everyone in our society. No doubt they would set theirs rather high.
  OK I will admit the same thing occurred to me.  But then again, Apple is a California company, and Judge Koh was a California judge for years, has lived in Silicon Valley, and still lives in California.  It is likely Apple has materially increased value of property she may hold, etc.  I think she may care more about California than she does about South Korea.  Also, she is a US government official.  She's probably biased toward Apple overall.   Troublingly, she may be...
Well, I had a 2.33ghz core duo macbook pro in early 2007.  It had 3GB of RAM and eventually a 500GB hard drive so yeah, I'd say that was comparable.  Not as good as this new product, but not like a very meaningful leap, either.   The main advance appears to be unibody structure, IMO.  Now that was a giant leap.
  I had a Macbook Pro in 2007 that was just about as powerful.  It was $3000 though.
Horrible person.  It's good to study the company you're allying with.  AT&T wanted to hold us all hostage.  It's important not to forget that, and patronize the alternative services instead.
When they unveil your new digital assistant, "Clampy," and have a blue sky motif you will know the transformation is complete.  AAPL has now made its definitive products.  Now it is all about milking them and waiting things out.  Apple fans remind me of Microsoft fans in the 1990s.  One thing I do know: Apple fans were a rare breed nobody liked them or Apple.  Mainstream success and accoloades were heaped on Microsoft.  Legions of fans were everywhere.  Back then. ...
I always maintain you learn more from ground level employees than you do from upper level employees.   If upper mgmt of a megacorp does not have a clue what is happening, that's the beginning of the end of that megacorp.  Seen it lived it.   That said, Tim Cook does need to make sure Apple introduces innovative products.  I believe Apple is stabilizing and won't innovate much anymore.  Innovations will come from the next Apple currently headed by a 24 year old in...
It would be good to see something new, Jonathan.  It's been years.
Good to know my former classmates are doing SUCH valuable work at the top law firms. 
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