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Uh... The 4S is hitting $300 on the Craigslist market momentarily...  why would anyone buy a 3GS...
Could Keith Richards co-star in this movie?  It would also be good to get Brooklyn Dekker into the film as Jobs' assistant.  He could ride around on this awesome motorcycle and kill people.
It is pretty self evident that Ron Johnson is the most talented person who could be CEO of JC Penney at this time.   He might fail.  But they should be glad he has come to try to save them and create some sort of relevance for JC Penney.   I think it's one of the most exciting stories in business today.  Might buy a few shares just to keep track.
Yeah well...  given that network speeds are about equal with 1998 level (I can remember getting 800k/sec in 1998) and files these days about about 1,000 times larger....  the whole idea is just stupid.  There, I said it.
Remember when iCloud was supposed to be this big new thing for Apple (to charge people money for)....  while providing basically no value.  LOL
If only this man could build an illegal monopoly and more powerfully screw us.  It is really a shame because I was waiting for him.
Yes, it seems like Austin would prefer most people would be on government benefits (those who earn less than $35k) and just lie on their back making babies.  Only the rich nerds need to actually work.  Austin will prevent others from being employed.  Sounds odd.
      We differ in that I believe we need a huge government.  Yes it should be slashed by 50%.  But it would still be huge.  We need it to be large.  It needs to be paid for by taxes.  Income taxes are the proven way to raise this money to provide education, health care and defense.     I am literally advocating elimination of corporate taxes because we already can collect tax at the shareholder's front gate.  We need not tax businesses.  But, we do need to tax something,...
if I had a successful little company earning $10 million / year, with say 5 employees, you better believe the government will expect a share of my money.  What's unfair is, if I make $10 billion / year, I can afford a white shoe tax engineer law firm (roughly $50 million/yr)  to stonewash my tax bill down to zero percent.  That's WRONG!!  Megacorps should not have this advantage over small business.   The solution is to eliminate corporate tax and concentrate on...
Unfortunately the Communist NYT and NPR political theories don't result in happy Chinese factory workers.  These workers prefer capitalism.
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