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Fantastic, I am glad they finally fixed Java's security flaws in the Mac OS X implementation, monthly for the last ten or twelve years.
How myopic. There are billions of people suffering in the world (these factory workers are relatively affluent). They make 10 dollars a day or more. Way more than most people in the world do. We all "deserve" to make more money, but this Apple wage thing is just a random fixation of flinty journalists who are blessedly naive about how resources are allocated in this world, and why. And, why capitalism is better than communism, in purely humanitarian terms.
The thing I worry about is ignoramus liberal arts majors who oppose profit might actually sacrifice Apple to their god. In their minds, companies that make a profit should be stopped. Only unprofitable companies should be allowed. Also, they oppose poor people striving and working overtime. Instead, these "labor activists" believe poor people should not be employed at low wages. Instead, they should be given aid and live as prisoners who are forced to worship...
A buyback at $600 a share for AAPL would be totally asinine. The buyback, if ever, should have occurred 4-5 years ago. The power of it would have been multiplied. To do it now is pathetic.
Something you learn in behavioral economics is that when prices go up to an expensive level, people are slow to sell, and eager to buy. They believe that prices tend to increase, so why wouldn't you buy a lot? After all, the most expensive asset in the world has a quantifiable record of making people extremely rich. When prices crash to a low level, people are terrified of buying, and wish to sell. After all, when prices decline, it is evident that people who own...
This is a very new Chinese trend in which "rule of law" is being used as an extraction device to take money from non-Chinese interests, and put that money in the hands of Chinese interests. To a Chinese government official, doing that as much as possible (and accepting kickbacks) is not dishonest, it is simply loyalty to country over foreigners, who aren't really human at all, really.
Let me try to be conciliatory and say I think I can understand why people want to improve wages of poor people. They believe that by paying people more, it will help those people. To a very small extent I agree. However, (in the same breath) we also say we should pay people in California $50k or whatever ot build iPhones, and let these Chinese people rot because they are paid so little. They are being "exploited" ... so let's not employ the Chinese at all, the argument...
This is ridiculous and deeply ignorant / hypocritical by the NPR/NYT types. They must not know who knits their sweaters. More to the point, they blatantly want to disemploy/kill poor people so that more affluent people can be employed. It is actually an evil idea that we should not employ low wage, poor people globally, leading perhaps to their deaths. Not that the NYT cares.
How are they free to... other than they are in China and basiclally slavery, theft etc is legal there...
The design is Apple property. Obviously Apple didn't get so rich by letting people build Apple designed products and sell it under other brand names.
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