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Desperate moves ... in response to a desperate situation. Maybe it will yield a positive result ... but, I doubt it.
Office for Android ... once again, money well spent by MS. They will break even on that investment ... ah, never. ;-)
I'll choose a paid app over a free app (with ads) every time!  
I REALLY thought Ron screwed up by leaving Apple for JCP. But, I have to say, I'm impressed with the initial advertising. If he can turn JCP around, I'll be surprised. But, it looks like he is on the right track.
I've been thinking about shorting MS for a while. These numbers seem just a little too conveniently similar to last year's numbers ... smells like accounting manipulation to me ... and a serious downward trend for MS. You can manipulate the numbers for a few quarters ... but, eventually you have to reveal the deficiencies.
I thought the same thing!
None of the other Android tablets are better due to the deficiencies of the OS. Regarding the Android tablets, you could double the processor performance, double the screen resolution, half the weight, double the battery life ... and still, they will not compare favorably to the iPad.
When my PC was due for a refresh earlier this year, I asked for a Mac. The purchasing folks laughed. But, I'll bet that 2 years from now when it's time for a new machine, I'll get a Mac.
The flash debate is over ... haven't you heard? Flash is dead on mobile devices. That's funny that you still consider Flash a desireable "feature". I just returned from vacation. But, unless things have changed dramatically while I was away, Flash on a mobile device is not a feature nor desirable on ANY mobile platform.
I have a simple solution ... Change the indicator to "HSPA+" when using that network protocol. I think to call it 4G is stretching the truth a bit. The rest should be left to AT&T to begin an ad campaign to educate users regarding the advantages of HSPA+.
New Posts  All Forums: