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  Yes Apple is definitely tasting some delectable margins, but two things...   The speed of the SSD that you get from Apple is top notch (especially the controller).   Second, the compatibility with OS X is also tighter.   I have my own simple SSD I upgraded myself, and while it is fine and snappy, the MBP retina getting 300MB/s and 400MB/s plus in Blackmagic benches is very impressive. Also a lot of third party SSDs work with OS X, some don't.    Just some points,...
  Actually the Apple HDMI-HDMI cable is one of the cheapest out there compared to retail shop unicorn-horn HDMI cables.
The 650M is 28nm, interestingly. Here's hoping it runs well and doesn't cause any major issues like the 8600 debacle.
I would have to say that the Forum html/ajax/what not system is very impaired. Formatting goes wonky, no emoticons, posting on ~Apple~Insider on an ~Apple~ computer using an ~Apple~ web browser is quite unpredictable and... Well, you get my drift.   I understand you all put in a lot of effort into this upgrade, but is it possible to just turn off the editor to a standard non-html non-ajax system?    (Feel free to merge this with any other threads if this is not...
  The Volt is dubious. A Prius is pretty decent. You can ship those Priuses to me if no one wants it.
  The administration didn't want to upset the Saudi elite, pre- and post- 9/11.   What country has caused the US the most trouble? Arguably Saudi. What country is the most important to the US? Saudi.   There's the answer, in a nutshell.
Why am I not surprised. A government run by the corporations for the corporations. The USA is being sold to the lowest bidder, and it doesn't matter whether the package has a Democrat or Republican stamp on it. This is the great illusion of our times.
  Government is not required, but where governments don't do it, it doesn't really exist. Salvation Army doesn't count. I'm not sure you can deregulate the social safety net... I haven't seen a strong case where private (profit or nonprofit) entities can achieve what governments can (eg. Scandinavia).   There is a role for government. But if the government is shite then of course one thinks what's the point of government. But that doesn't mean all government is shite.
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