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So that's why he was knighted then, to disown him. The inaugural Designer of the Year Award in 2003 was our unique way of ignoring him and I suppose the D&AD award given to him and his team in 2012 was a similar act of snubbing him. Got it. 
I can't better that or agree with it more. Give yourself a pat on the back; any more than that would be onanistic.
Then why say "We are so sick of the Beatles in the UK."? It sounded like you were claiming to speak for the whole country.
They co-exist. On my computer.Oh happy days! Pro X is making me beam at the moment. Only downside is no 32 Bit bridge so plugs like Sylenth won't run but that's the fault of myopic developers, not Apple.
I find it odd that Sammi Jo is still talking about a 'security drill" in London on 7/7. which she hopes you will think involves shadowy people out in the tube network that was brutally bombed sometime later, rather than knowing the truth that Peter Power's company was conducting a paper exercise in a room in London for his private clients about a hypothetical terrorist attack. She stated that she wouldn't be surprised that is was an false flag operation, within a few...
[QUOTE=Scaramanga89;. I'm nearly 40 and an English teacher, I don't use them out of principal.[/QUOTE] As a teacher of English, don't you think that correct spelling would be, in principle, quite important?
'Sic' means 'this' in Latin. It originally was a message to the typesetters to not correct a misspelt word but to print as shown. I think.
The NHS fixed my congenital heart condition in 1999 with a clever bit of open heart surgery, monitors me annually and saved the life of my sister with a kidney transplant two years ago. When a child with a nut allergy ingested some sesame seeds on our school trip this week, a paramedic arrived by motorbike within three minutes of the 999 call, followed by an ambulance five minutes later. The crew, and the staff at hospital, were great with her and her understandably...
I expect their heirs or trustees appreciate you side-stepping the 70 years after death rule you have in the States. Mind you, Miles Davies took Bill Evans' copyright for Blue In Green, while they were both alive, didn't he?
Slightly misleading thread title; as you say in your actual post this affects the quads only. Hyper-threading is now turned off by default, but you can turn it back on if you wish to delve into Terminal.http://discussions.apple.com/thread....15247&tstart=0
New Posts  All Forums: