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The iPhone 6 and 6 have been out for HOW long now, yet Waze still runs in zoomed mode? C'mon Google!
I am a geek. I tend to replace my gadgets often. Yet my TVs are from 2007 and 2009. Why? Once you have a quality full HD display with HDMI in there's little reason to replace it until it dies or you want a bigger one. And I got the size I needed back then and haven't felt a need to upgrade.
Dear Common Sense,   Stop being a devoted fanboy to Apple. They are a company and although they create cool products, they do boneheaded things like needlessly sue competitors.   Sincerely, Disillusioned Apple User
Apple, newsflash: Your products are good enough that you don't have to sue your competitors to succeed. Stop generating ill-will in the tech community by suing your competitors. Compete with them. Make better products. There's room for more than one player in this market. Sincerely, -Disillusioned Apple user.
The GPS works fine without a SIM card inserted. However, the phone cannot communicate with Apple's servers over the Internet once the SIM is removed, because the cellular radio becomes disabled.   The result is the same; Find my iPhone stops working at this point unless it joins WiFi.  
I sometimes wonder why they took so long. FaceTime over cellular doesn't even use that much bandwidth. I did a 17 minute FaceTime call over cellular this afternoon and it totaled 48MB. That's less than 3MB per minute; services like watching NetFlix use MUCH more bandwidth than that. I'm glad they came to their senses!
"In our testing, we found a decrease in reception strength of about -20 dBm" Every -10dB is 10 times less signal. so -20dB is 100 times less signal. Yeah, you can keep this useless product.
It's about time the prices come down a bit. Materials are getting cheaper, especially flash memory. I wish Apple would cut the prices for the higher end iPads too, because it's not even in the same universe of sanity when you look at the actual cost of the flash they use.
Why is the A,C,E line always behind on cool stuff like this? The number lines always get the neat stuff first. A,C,E is still running those old uncomfortable stock, too. Come on, MTA. Give some love to A,C,E.
  So you insult my maturity level rather than provide a reasonable argument? Way to go.   In any case, Apple doesn't HAVE to support MAME. They could have just let it be in the App Store. Lots of people think that project is awesome; just because you don't care for it doesn't mean others don't!   Besides, this is just an example. There have been NUMEROUS projects that have been removed from the App Store over the years, all because Apple as a company doesn't personally...
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