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  - MAME being removed from iOS:   Um, they did do this. I still have it installed on my iPad, because I downloaded it before it was removed.   - Universal charging adapters:   That's what this entire post is about.   - Killing useful Mac Store apps:   http://mplayerx.org/leave-mas.html   They didn't outright remove the app, but the sandboxing restrictions meant the app would no longer be anywhere near as useful. Their complete failure to budge on the sandboxing is...
  You're right. The only thing that annoys me more than Apple's bad behavior is the fanboys that defend (and hence, enable) it.
The way Apple behaves sometimes makes me think they have a guy whose job it is to look at everything coming out of the company and out of other companies and put a stop to anything that is "too awesome". MAME comes out for iOS? Kill it. Universal charging adapters? Kill them. Mac App Store applications that are just slightly too useful? Kill them. Ugh. This is the main aspect of the company that I hate and I wish they'd knock it off.
Why the heck isn't MacMall allowing online orders? I imagine they're swamping their customer service reps by requiring people to call to order them. Really, call to order? What is this, 1994?
I really have no sympathy for Apple if unlicensed accessories come out first. They should have talked to accessory makers *MONTHS* ago, not NEXT MONTH, well after the phone has come out. What in the heck were they thinking?   We should have had accessories on release day. Instead their ridiculous obsession with secrecy (over a connector? How is secrecy even necessary here?) has resulted in them shooting themselves in the foot.   Big fail.  
It shouldn't be hard to design a dock which is simply a piece of plastic that accepts the Lightning to USB cable's plug end, and holds it in place so the iPhone 5 can dock to it. Best of all, Apple can charge $10 for it and make boatloads of money on something that costs 50 cents to make. I'm surprised they didn't go this route. This is how the iPhone 5 display docks in the Apple Stores are made, afterall, so it's not like they didn't think of it at least for that.
Yeah, this is lens flare. What is it about Apple products and people trying to find every little thing to complain about?
How will the dock connector handle things the current dock connector does, like video, audio, controlling playback, etc.? Even if it's USB 2.0 only, I still don't see enough pins to do that, unless Apple somehow overloads the functionality of some of the pins depending on the device that's connected.
USB is designed to handle shorting of the power without ill effect. It's in the standard.   My worry is exposed contacts increase the probability of static electricity being discharged into the pins. It would suck for an unplugged cable to fry your USB port when you brush past it carrying a charge, which in dryer, cooler weather can be significant.
What does this do that Bluetooth audio does not?   And yes, almost everyone has a Wifi network at home.. but what if you take your wireless speaker out to the beach and want to play music there? No Wifi network around. This is what that feature would enable.. but... umm... Bluetooth already does this, does it very well, and you can use it IN ADDITION to Wifi.   What does this bring to the table other than another proprietary standard? Bluetooth works with pretty...
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