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Why is Apple so obsessed with keeping mature content off the iPhone? It's not like you can't download your own porn and put it on the phone yourself. They seem obsessed with keeping it squeaky clean for some reason.
Wouldn't a card with an EFI-32 firmware work on both EFI-32 and EFI-64 systems? Why not just make all the cards with EFI-32 firmware then? Also, why the hell did Apple use EFI-32 on the 2006 Mac Pro? It's a 64 bit sysem... o.O
Why are the 2006 Mac Pros being orphaned when it comes to new video cards? They're still very capable machines, and they have PCI Express too. All you need is driver support, and that's on the software side. Is it a power issue? If it were a card released by Apple I'd understand because they want to sell new Macs, but if it's Nvidia selling it you'd expect them to want it to be available to as many potential customers as possible. It makes no sense.
I guess that screenshot means Steve Jobs doesn't mind if we post Ratatouille on YouTube? We better get right on it!
Why the heck does Apple want to kill .Mac anyway? That's a wonderful brand and it makes people think of Macs every time they email someone with such an address or look at a web page. Whereas "MobileMe" doesn't make you think of Macs at all. How does this boneheaded decision make sense? They should have just kept it called .Mac.
I hope they fix the *PRICE* on the Time Capsule. While $499 was reasonable for a 1TB NAS when they first came out, the prices on 1TB drives has dropped so significantly that now the 1TB (and 512GB too) Time Capsules are a colossal rip off.
You know there's a brightness control right?
My worry is if Psystar wins, Apple will do EVERYTHING they can to lock down OS X. Obfusciate it, encrypt it, make running it on anything other than Macs completely impossible without hours of difficult hacking. Right now, Apple looks the other way when it comes to the hobbyist hackintosh community. But if Psystar succeeds they may not be able to look the other way much longer. And for those of us who like to play with Hackintoshes (right alongside our real, genuine Macs...
I doubt it will run Mac OS X, so how will it in any way compete with the Air? Mac OS X is the primary reason to own a Mac. Dell cannot compete with that. Nor can anyone else.
Retailer margins are very low on Macs, so you won't see price cuts more than this on new product. Sorry folks. However, you should take what you can get since price cuts on Apple products aren't common to begin with.
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