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I think laptop lid hinges need to be relatively stiff, simply because they tend to loosen with time, and if it's just barely tight enough new, it'll be a lot sooner before it stops staying in place, even in the normal flat-on-a-table position.
I wonder if this is the issue I had with my TiBook 867MHz DVI. When I added a second DIMM, sleep mode became slightly less reliable. There would be subtle memory corruption upon waking from sleep, and the system would often crash shortly after. The system always worked perfectly from initial bootup, and only experienced problems after sleeping. However, this happened regardless of what slot the DIMMs were in, and also happened with either DIMM alone. It only happened...
What's "weird and useless" to you might be a godsend to someone else. I'd rather them be less restrictive on apps. What if only a handful of people need something really obscure? Why should it be denied just because it's only useful to a few?
I have been unable to reproduct the Adobe file corruption issue. I am testing on my NFS fileserver, opening and saving large PSD files. Perhaps this is only hitting certain obscure combinations of hardware and software. So far 10.5.3 has been rock-solid for me.
As for the single vendor source problem... I suspect Apple would have no qualms about switching to AMD if Intel tried to screw them. So they're not entirely tied to one vendor for microprocessors and chipsets.
You know what I don't get? He is STEVE JOBS! How the heck does he have such a drab paint job on his jet? He should at least have some cool tail art, something inspiring, or at the very least an Apple logo! It just boggles my mind that Jobs has a such a drab-looking jet. Gods, if I could afford my own jet I'd definitely want it more interesting looking than that!
The fact that people are using the browser shows that they installed it and LIKED it more than MSIE. I'm not sure why providing users with the option to try Safari was such a bad thing. It wasted what, maybe 0.5 seconds of their time as they decided to click yes or no? Big deal! Microsoft does this all the time and nobody bats a finger, but when Apple does it just once it's all doom and gloom! More market share for Safari is good for the Mac platform. People who find...
Now if only they'd wake up and make the majority of the catalog DRM-free. I've been buying from Amazon MP3 lately simply because of the lack of DRM. iTunes Plus selection utterly pales in comparison to Amazon MP3. WAKE UP, Apple! when the choice is between no DRM or DRM, I'll go no DRM EVERY TIME. It's a no brainer!
Try broadcasting the SSID, but using WPA and mac filtering. This keeps your network secure (much more secure than just not broadcasting) and it should solve the problem, as that's how my network is set up and it works great.
Yes, Mac prices are comparable to PC prices for similar machines, BUT... - There are no budget laptops in the Apple line. The starting Macbook is at around a grand. You can get PC laptops for around $400. Sure, the specs aren't very good, but most people will jump on that and be happy with a slower system than to spend $1000 on a better laptop. - There is no economical minitower solution. This has been argued and re-argued so I'll leave it at that. These two...
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