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Leopard seems faster than tiger on the same hardware, provided there is enough RAM. Why exclude 800MHz G4s, which run Tiger pretty darn well? Leopard may acually be a bit faster, since they've done so much optimization. But noooo.... Apple wants you to buy a new Mac. Figures.
Is there ANY way for mere mortals to get these seeds? I'd love to be able to find bugs and provide Apple with input, but don't want to have to pay big bucks for the privilege. Why should we have to pay in order to beta-test Apple's updates?
I'd love to see a 32GB Nano. Anyone speculate on the chances of this? 16GB is still too small for me, but a 32GB solid state iPod would be bliss. Please, 32GB Nano! Please please!
I suppose it's possible that OS X uses a drive in a different way that makes it less likely to fail, but it's doubtful. Apple, Dell, Gateway, etc. all use the same hard drives. There's nothing "special" about the drive in a Mac other than Apple putting a logo on the OEM sticker. If we have several thousand Dells, each with one hard drive, I expect the failure rate to be about the same as if we have several thousand iMacs, each with one hard drive. Unless someone shows me...
All the iMacs, even the new ones, are lousy for labs in schools. Why? It's a pain in the ass to replace the hard drive. You have to do a MAJOR disassembly of the machine to change the disk. The disk is the PRIMARY component to fail in labs, simply because the raw number of systems knocks the MTBF way down. Disks in lab machines need to be easy to replace. Companies like Dell understand this. Apple does not. On average here we replace a hard drive every couple of...
All the flame wars about what's better, glossy or matte... etc.... Really, we're all right. We each like what we like, whether it be glossy or matte. It really is a personal preference. Which is why I'm so pissed off at Apple for not giving us a *CHOICE*. They did it with the Macbook Pro; why can't they do it with the Macbook and iMac? No, they FORCE glossy on you. Maybe it's a scheme to make more money; people who can't stand glossy have to spend more on a...
Gahhh. Damnit. I hope these rumours are wrong. Repeat after me: NOT EVERYONE WANTS AN INTEGRATED DISPLAY. We need a minitower of some sort, with decent graphics and CPU, without an integrated display, at the iMac price point. Apple, you used to have these, they were called the low end G4 towers. What the heck happened? When the G5 came out, you stopped producing affordable towers forever. This is insane. Not everyone needs a Mac Pro, but they need more power...
Did I miss something? Apple wants to keep the price of each song on iTunes at $0.99. It's Sony and the other record labels who want to raise the prices. Who's the greedy one here? Pot. Kettle. Black.
Perhaps, but they easily *COULD*. Sprint allows tethering for the same price. AT&T should join the club and be more useful for its customers. -Z
TETHERING TETHERING TETHERING! Apple, if you are listening, know that I WILL very likely buy an iPhone if you add tethering support and iChat. I am not kidding here; most of my disdain for the iPhone has been due do EDGE (which only felt slow because of bandwidth caps on the towers, supposedly), lack of tethering, and lack of SMS ability. Come on, Apple, you can do it. Fill in the missing features and you will have even more iPhone users!
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