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A sales ban may be a win for Apple but it will be a loss for all of us.   Competition is what keeps companies on their toes coming up with new awesome stuff. Apple has borrowed ideas from Android, and vice versa. Both companies are supposedly infringing each other's patents. They should just cross-license and stop acting like bickering five year olds. And get back to work making great products.
Here on campus, you connect to the WPA network. Then you have to open a browser and it gives you a login page. You have to accept the terms and conditions, and you're online.   Before it used to be an unencrypted network. The phone would pop up the login and accept conditions page, I would do so, and it would dismiss automatically. When the network went WPA, it stopped doing that automatically. I have to go to Safari, try to load a page, then do the login and...
This isn't going to help that.   Internet radio uses a TCP connection, and this connection will break if your IP address changes. Since your IP address changes when you go from cellular to Wi-Fi, or vice versa, TuneIn has to start the stream again.   This is why I turn off WIfi if I'm going to be using TuneIn near the edge of a Wifi network. It's not worth the pain in the ass.
This could be very awesome IF IMPLEMENTED WELL.   Sadly Apple tends to hork things up sometimes. For example, there's NO WAY to enable auto-login on a WEP/WPA protected Wifi network. This means every time I get to work I have to open stupid Safari and sign in. If they implement this feature well, I'd be able to still get iMessages and such at work when I don't log in.  
I have two friends with EVOs. Both have had to replace their phones multiple times.   OF COURSE folks are going to their competition! Who wants to buy HTC with quality like that?  
>Apple isn't serving up a public web version of its own maps as Google does, so it isn't constrained by the limits of web-based technologies.   This is actually something that annoys me. Right now, I can use Google Maps on my phone, iPad or computer and always get the same data, directions, street view, etc.   With iOS 6 I'm going to have a different mapping system on my iPad/phone than on my desktop. This is going to lead to different directions and data. This...
"displacing the local file system that non-technical users have long struggled to comprehend"   Since when do users have trouble comprehending the filesystem? It's a fairly intuitive structure, with "folders" containing "documents", just like a filing cabinet works in real life.   I don't think Apple is giving users enough credit here. There's nothing hard to comprehend about a filesystem. Even my mother, who is about non-technical as can be, understood it with...
Care-O-Meter: [|||--------------------------]   Seriously, what else is new? Since when has Office for Mac ever been released in sync with Windows? Windows is their flagship product; I'm surprised there's an Office for Mac at all.   It's not like we NEEEEEEED all these new features anyway.  
I keep throwing my money at the screen but nothing is happening!!  
The "lamp" style iMac had a matte screen. The older CRT iMacs also all had matte, or at least anti-reflective screens. Pretty much all mainstream CRT computer monitors since the early 90s have had anti-reflective coatings on them. The high gloss screens of the iMacs and Macbooks were a huge step backwards.
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