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For the love of $DEITY, please let them have USB 3.0. It's downright embarrassing to see cheap $200 HTPC boxes with USB 3.0, whereas high end Macs still lack it. And Thunderbolt isn't a solution yet. Very few devices out there and they're vastly overpriced.
Why not ATI Radeon? In my experience, Radeon performs better on OS X anyway. They have better drivers. My 330M-equipped 2010 Macbook Pro definitely does NOT live up to the 330M's expected performance in OS X, whereas my Radeon 3870 in my Mac Pro does live up to its expected performance by far.
NO. THANK. YOU. I love keyboards with a lot of travel. I use old IBM clicky keyboards for this reason at my desk. Laptop keyboards are bad enough already. Let's not make them even worse. Apple should stop trying to make things so thin. They're thin enough already. Work on making it lighter instead.
Has anyone taken apart the Mountain Lion installer yet? Is there still an ESDInstall DMG you can boot from?
This fraud costs Apple nothing, because all they have to do is reverse the transaction. It's not like a physical product that has value has been lost; they can just mark the account as not having purchased the app and reverse the charge. So of course they're not going to do much about it, because it costs them almost nothing to work around it and security is a difficult problem to solve. This is why despite it being annoying, I reset my iTunes password fairly...
How is being blocked by the government considered "backing out of the deal?" Not that I have any sympathy for AT&T, but I'm just wondering how this is their fault.
How about making the USB dock cables less flimsy? I have a couple from 2005-2006 (back when they had locking plugs) that are still in great shape after years of use and abuse. Yet the newer ones that came with my iPhone and previous iPod Nano are already falling apart. What good is making slightly "greener" cables if users have to throw out and replace them four times as often?
If Kodak had invested heavily in image sensor technology, they might own the market today. They had the resources to do so, but instead continued to make steady profits from film sales without doing anything. Now it's too late; other companies own the image sensor market and Kodak is dying. Oh well. The same thing happened to SGI; they refused to expand into consumer 3D rendering hardware, and look what happened; their best engineers left and founded Nvidia, and...
Looks like the scammers are being more careful about spelling and grammar, though there's still a few mistakes. Some of the phish emails I've received have such horrible writing that you wonder if it was written using Google Translate from Chinese. I bet the scammers would do a lot better if they hired native English speakers to write their E-mails. And how come there's so few native-English speaking scammers anyway? The US, Canada, UK, Australia, etc. have their...
Try again, it's visible now. -Z
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