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The ROM board looks like a standard Apple II ROM card, which was used to provide Applesoft BASIC to Integer Apple IIs, and Integer BASIC to Applesoft Apple IIs. There was a switch on the back that you could use to flip between using the card's ROMs or the ROMs in the Apple II. The card went into slot zero. http://sturgeon.css.psu.edu/~mloewen...ROMcard-1L.jpg The card in the auction looks like the switch was removed. I see leads soldered into the switch's pads on the...
I don't want junk preinstalled on my phone! I have an AT&T iPhone, and I wanted the AT&T app because it comes in handy to check your usage and such. So I went to the App Store and installed it. I'm sure it's not hard for this company to provide a pamphlet with the phone telling the customer how to install the software! Hard to believe any carrier would turn down a popular handset like the iPhone over something so silly, which has a trivial workaround anyway.
Part of the fear of using +1 and all that stems from the old days of analog phone lines and long distance charges. Historically, if you could dial a phone number without a "1" in front, the call was not long distance. If it WAS a long distance call, the network would say "Please dial a 1 or 0 before callling this number.". It was basically a way of telling the phone network "access the long distance switch". This is all in the past, of course, but for those of us who...
Some apps aren't being developed anymore. At all. Breaking them would suck for people who paid money for them and still use them on a daily basis.
Every person should decide for themselves whether to buy a game. There should be no censorship. If you don't want your minor children to play, how about PARENTING and don't let them buy apps without approval. Oh yeah, we've forgotten how to do that as a society. All I'm saying is, don't rub your morals in my face.
Just thought I should mention that Android uses the Linux kernel, which is free software (GPL) and does not require a separate license to use. The GPL allows the software to be used and copied freely. I'm a bit of a stickler on this, since some people actually fell for SCO's bullshit a few years back.
It landed on the roof of a building? Wow. I bet everyone's very happy it didn't land on someone. I bet from that height an iPhone falling on your head can kill you! Either way, it's fun to see how durable the innards are, even if the glass front and back had to sacrafice themselves to absorb the impact. Good times!
I wonder if the dev realizes that many people own more than one device and put the apps they own on all of them? Often a family will have the same purchased app installed on 3 or 4 devices. This means the number of people who play the game will likely always be higher than the number who have purchased it.
This isn't the first time a site cuts off access only to the iPad of iPhone. YouTube actually has a setting you can set when you upload a video that denies access to the video to "mobile devices". It's the stupidest thing in the world and I want to punch whoever at Google gave uploaders the ability to do that. All devices need to be treated the same. Apple really should add official user agent spoofing to Safari, and the Youtube app.
This is going to be awesome when texting people in Canada, etc. where I'd otherwise get billed 50 cents a text message by AT&T. Free text messages to Canada are the biggest thing I miss about Sprint. I can use Google voice to get around it, but still, it was nice.
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