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How is all of this going to work in an enterprise environment? App stores don't really go with the way software is distributed in the enterprise world.
To be honest, I want a phone to put out as much radiation as possible, because this means it will perform well during weak signal conditions. Non-ionizing radiation is harmless. I want MOAR of it. When I was a kid I played with CB walkie talkies all the time. They put out four WATTS using a rubber duck antenna that was right next to our face when we transmitted. Yet nothing bad happened. Imagine that! Cel phones put out a tiny fraction of that. People need to stop...
I might wait a little while before going to Lion, like I did before going to Snow Leopard. I think I finally upgraded to Snow Leopard when 10.6.2 came out. Does anyone know if 10.6.8 is going to unify the OS X tree again? I'd love to have one image that works on all our Macs again. 10.6.7 is still forked; I can't boot Thunderbolt-equipped iMacs with our standard 10.6.7 image at work. This is quite annoying.
I guess that disk drive I held in my hands the other day was my imagination. I must have been drunk or stoned or something, and merely imagined that it said "SuperSpeed USB" on it, had the bigger micro-USB port and the USB 3.0 plug on the end of it. USB 3.0 devices DO exist. Hopefully now that Intel is supporting it natively in their chipsets, we'll soon see Macs with USB 3.0 support. I remember how long it took Macs to get USB 2.0 support (they wanted to force everyone to...
Actually, the problem is entirely Apple; they're the ones who refuse to sell the handset unlocked.
Why not just sell a completely unlocked version of the iPhone 3GS? This way, people could buy it and use it with any prepaid GSM carrier they wish. On top of this, if they wanted to go postpaid later, they could just sign up with AT&T and get a SIM card. Hell, they should sell the iPhone 4 unlocked too. I've known of people who are more than willing to pay non-subsidy price for an iPhone 4 if it means not dealing with a contract and being able to go pre-paid....
It's about time! I've been wanting this for a while, and have grudgingly accepted that Windows Remote Desktop was far superior to what Apple had. But now the playing field will be even here at last. And those who think Apple no longer cares about OS X and want it to turn it into iOS now have egg on their faces. I wonder if this will FINALLY allow me to remote control a Mac without its local console being unlocked for any user to come along and mess with it. When I...
There must be something I'm missing here. Isn't the television industry all about getting as many eyes as possible on your programming? Doesn't this mean anything to get more eyes on the programming (including the iPad streaming) would be a GOOD THING for broadcasters? More eyes = more people see ads = more revenue, right? Or did I miss something? I've always been confused by the way big media acts when it comes to issues that *should* be obvious.
I was able to get an iPad 2 at Best Buy on launch day, without even having to wait. So I call bullshit.Maybe people in big cities like NYC had problems but if you were willing to drive a bit it wasn't hard to find one.
This doesn't surprise me. The typical teenager who works in the computer department at Best Buy is an enthusiast gamer, living with his parents, who spends all his money on the latest insane glowy tower computer to heat his bedroom and play Crysis. He doesn't care for Apple products, nor can he afford one after buying his insane gaming rig.Thankfully they tend recover from this illness given enough time.
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