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One of my biggest pet peeves with Snow Leopard is that you can't Remote to another Mac and use it without the remote-controlled Mac's screen being fully visible and anyone being able to walk up to it and mess with your session. I hope they fix this in Lion so that you remote desktop to a machine, that machine's screen is blanked and locked, like it is under Windows. This is one of the few things MS got right that Apple has consistently failed at.
I'm not rich, yet I have an iPhone 4 and Macbook Pro. Apple products aren't only for "the rich" already. They're well within typical middle class obtainability. Heck, most of my friends who have iPhones and Macs aren't rich either.
What I don't get is why Apple hasn't created a version of iChat for iOS. A good multiprotocol IM client built into iOS would be awesome; it could even be integrated into the current Messaging application. But not, they don't seem to care about IM on iPhone and iPad.
Umm, was there any doubt? Isn't tethering tethering? Why would personal hotspot require a seperate enable if tethering is already on? Besides, didn't people running 4.3 betas already confirm long ago that the hotspot feature worked for them?
Guy? You really want one guy to have to stand against five or six suspects, some of who may be armed? This is a situation in which the *real* police would definitely call for heavy backup, and even then, taking down 5-6 suspects at the same time is not an easy task. The cost to implement what you describe safely and capably would be astronomical when multiplied by the number of stores.
I don't even mind there being a cap as long as the cap is reasonable. For instance, a 5GB cap would be more than reasonable for the iPhone. 2GB is a bit too stifling. I managed to use over 400MB on a Thursday to Monday stretch while on a trip, and that was with NO tethering. Just lots of web browsing, google maps, Pandora, and so on. The idea of a cap should be to prevent abuse, not to swindle people out of more money. Smartphone plans are ALREADY expensive. Look at what...
In a way it's a bit ridiculous that we should NEED a new phone every year. I had my Treo 650 from 2005 until 2009 and it held up well. Do we really need to be able to upgrade our handsets that often? My iPhone 4 is awesome and I can't see myself having an intense need to upgrade it when the next one comes out. However, in two years I can see upgrading.
This is precisely the reason why, although I used to be a huge fan of open source software and still like it to a great degree, I am also becoming extremely angry at open source developers for being extremely selfish and idealistic rather than making their software more useful and available. Another good example is the ZFS filesystem on Linux and h.264 support in Firefox. To be perfectly honest, a lot of open source developers need to GET THE HELL OVER THEMSELVES.
I've always set double alarms for any event that would be catastrophic to miss. My phone plus my vintage 1983 Panasonic clock radio. I wake up with only the clock radio for routine workdays (if I'm late one day it's not exactly catastrophe) but ALWAYS two alarms if I have something like a flight. It's only common sense! As to this bug... I'm REALLY curious as to the technical details of it. Has anyone figured it out yet? I can't imagine what's so special about the...
Why does Apple care if you can use the volume buttons to take a photo? It's not like the volume buttons are used for anything else in the camera app. Might as well allow the buttons to be used for whatever you like.
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