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Try transferring the sim card over? Maybe that'll work... That's typically what I've seen done with phone upgrades anyway.
Hey, Apple! How about moving the manufacturing HOME to the UNITED STATES! Gee, ever thought of that? We have people who need JOBS here, morons!
I'd buy an iPad right now if Apple allowed us to sideload apps without going through the app store. But as long as it's a walled garden, I feel like it'll never truly be mine. It'd be nice if they were mandated to allow side loading. If the user doesn't want to risk problems with side loaded apps, they can simply NOT SIDELOAD THEM. Apple shouldn't be dictating what we can do with what we buy. It's as simple as that. Shouldn't the option be there?
It doesn't make sense that Apple would wait until now, when the Mac is finally starting to be a popular platform, and really growing, to kill it. That's like raising a purebred kitten to be a show-winner, only to kill her right as she starts winning best in shows! Macs continue to improve, become more powerful, and are now starting to get a gaming focus with Steam being ported to them. I have heard that Apple is fixing a lot of issues in its OpenGL drivers due to...
It's not a big deal. Customers may hold off purchases but as soon as the machine comes out they will buy one. All it's doing is moving the purchases from "now" to "a couple weeks away". It's the same reason why "gasoline strikes", where everyone decides not to buy gas on a specific day doesn't affect anything. People will just buy whatever gas they used on the next day, and the oil companies make the same amount of money. And if you're a day trader / short term investor, I...
It's called OpenGL. And the nice thing about OpenGL is that it is multiplatform; you can use nearly the same graphics code on any operating system supporting OpenGL, including Linux and Windows as well. Apple is actually improving their OpenGL code as we speak, and it's primarily due to Steam coming!
It's good to see Apple getting some of their own medicine after the crap they started with HTC/Google. The only downside about all this is these stupid lawsuits cost money, which will drive up the cost for both Apple and Nokia products in the long run.
Umm, we KNOW what the iPad looks like; it's been announced and photos are on Apple's site. So why all the secrecy? Are they going to ship it with extra features they haven't announced and surprise us? Curious.
I hope 10.6.3 hits soon. I heard they've done a major overhaul of the graphics drivers and that we're going to see excellent performance improvements across most chipsets. And this is just in time for Valve's software coming to the platform. I have a feeling that this is not just coincidence. Of course there's the chance that it'll break some things too, but that's what making a Time Machine backup just before upgrading is for. Reverting is a few clicks away.
Doom 3 Quake 3 (Freaking native Intel binary please, with PB support) Quake 4 Heck, pretty much the entire Id library. Even the classic DOOM can be ported excellently using PrBoom code.
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