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Graphics driver improvements are always welcome. This is an area OS X can be improved vastly.
All this does is make Amazon look cheap in my eyes.
The UK would like these upgrades as well please. What we would really like is a few things like BBC iPlayer on the Apple TV. You'd have yourself and absolute stampede to get one by the public with catchup services included.
The ARD features could be useful. I'm hoping the server release is a good one. While your at it Apple why not make the new Mac mini server a dual NIC with LOM?
Has anyone been ordering them since the Retina was introduced? I haven't ordered any or approved ordering any since the Retina shipped.    We had so much fun over the years. Broke new boundaries. even when you changed your name from PowerBook everything carried on.   But now you feel heavy, slow, clunky and old. Ciao
Too little too late as far as I can see. Anyone who is on a BB tends to already use Whatsapp in the UK.
LOM and hot swappable power supplies is the reason OS X Server is not serious on the hardware front. The software side speaks for itself. Long live 10.6.8 likely the last proper server version of OS X we'll ever see.
Too busy testing...
Finally. This has been far far too long coming. Pull your finger out Apple. We needed these options when the machine was released. It was no good removing the old iMac that could be shipped with 256GB and replacing it with 768GB. Poor. Glad it's fixed.
Time to split the tracks then if possible. I remember the good old day of 06-09 where there was an IT track...
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