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WhatsApp is incredibly successful in the UK. Though it does drain the battery very fast
Great App Quicksilver. I've been using it from the start. Wow has it really been 10 years?
Back to sleep. Apple Maps is so far beyond useless in the UK it makes me cringe and get very angry. Completely useless POI and the lack of numbering the main junctions of the motorway network is farcical. Missing tube stations poor poor poor icons and information make it far more difficult to use. Unfortunately I cannot see this ever being anything more than useless until they change how they rank certain roads and display them, ignoring the woeful POI information.
My personal machine has this issue. I would say the majority of the machines rolled out exhibit this problem. Not all users complain but it is very annoying. Someone complained yesterday of the issue on the latest MBPR same symptoms but hers happens every hour or so. An investigation is likely underway. It does remind me as another poster said about the G5 fan fun of a decade ago.
So this means Access is finally on the Mac?
I wonder if it fixes the issue of where trying to dismiss the notification on YouTube always opens the application. The black cross is to dismiss Google not go to the application. Every other app I can dismiss but no YouTube...
Dvorak. Making useless pointless stupid comment longer than I had realised. What a tool. His only use is to give hope to the brain dead that they can succeed in this world.
You really made me laugh this morning.Thank you.
I actually agree that the site is worse now than it was. I find it frustrating and annoyingly more difficult than it needs to be to find certain products as they are really buried now. Its still one of the best sites out their though.
That is somewhat of a shame. Have iMacs mounted in a few locations at offices. Could it really not be added or could they not be bothered / see little use for it now?
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