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Perhaps it is a location issue. Maybe Apple Maps is better in the US than the UK? One thing I can tell you is the Maps app in the UK is pathetic. One of the most frustrating and useless things I can remember Apple making. I personally dislike Google. But oh am I so glad to get their Maps back on the iPhone. In London Apple Maps was and still is horrific. Major central train stations missing from the database is just one issue.
Er... Of corse they are. Apple is doomed.
Wouldn't be bad would it..
Its annoying but I have faith hey will fix this.
Good. It is seriously needed for the UK and parts of Europe. Apple Maps has been the single most annoying and useless thing the company have ever done for me. 20+ years. This is the worst. It's so infuriatingly useless.
This cannot come fast enough. Apple Maps is useless for location information in or around London.
  Sorry Adam I am sure location plays a lot to do with it. But in the UK specifically London. It is so so so bad if you are looking for anything location data.   Missing stations, shops that closed over 5 years ago!   For street mapping it seems comparable so far. But location data is the primary thing maps is used for in a metropolitan area.
Well even giving Apple all the benefit of the doubt that can be handed out and objectively viewing the Maps in iOS 6. As someone using it in the UK it is the worst mapping solution I have had the misfortune to use. Beautiful - Check Technologically advanced - Check Usable - Check Actually useful - FAIL It cannot locate anything in London. Key tube stations are missing. If you search for well known streets close to you, it finds a street over 100 miles away to the North....
I was wondering just that...
I haven't really used Maps in iOS6 but I hope it improves over 5 dramatically. Since Apple switched its database for shops and local items away from Google the maps and local search function was nothin less than completely infuriating. It was completely useless in the UK. I ended up having to use Google Maps on the browser. I am no fan of Google but Apple's database in the UK is embarrassing. Perspective seems to of gone out of the window with most people on this Maps...
New Posts  All Forums: