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Thank goodness.   The current design of Calendar and Contacts is hideous. It was this bumbled design that stopped many places who used iCal in 10.6 moving to 10.7.   Sorry Apple but nearly all of it is utter crap, its hideous and confuses users and slows things down. BIN IT.   It works in some situations, Books etc. But it really doesn't help in others.
I'm sure they have taken into account all the various possibilities of failure etc. Seems great, the ability to search through the text may be a big bonus?
After a sleep I have come back to take another look.   Very bad, on my 13' Pro the site only shows me the first article before I have to start scrolling. Its not usable or readable, please re think this.
A step back in terms of being able to read the headlines at a glance in my opinion.   The look has improved, however the ease of use has decrease.
Good work BBC. This is the way things should be, push and change the way on demand content works. Also why not open up the catalogue worldwide for a reasonable fee? It woul help fund quicker updates to iPlayer. Apple pay attention! Get the iPlayer on Apple TV as soon as possible!!! You're pretty much the only place that doesn't have it!
It is certainly true in the UK that Samsung's reputation has shot up since the case. People think that Samsung are being bullied by Apple. Although they have no understanding of the details in the case, public perception ( no matter how baseless it is ) does matter.
I agree, sounds nice but there are some basics which could see more work first.
Always good to see Parallels and VMWare competing aggressively. A few nice features but I will stick with VM I think.
The store he ran in the UK were horrific unfortunately...
Wow they really love to just abuse you guys don't they!   In the UK the carrier would be broke by now as they would of been abandoned.
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