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There are some bugs in 10.8 that will be quashed in the next few releases. But to my knowledge so far nothing spectacular.
I just don't believe them...
Nothing surprising then
Not sure I follow you...   Nice piece of nostalgia
With a bit of luck this re-design to the iMac might fix the glaring design flaw of every new shaped model. It's not much to ask is it. Sort out your LCD panels and seal them Apple. I think we'll hit over 200 iMac's going back to Apple this year for new screens and glass. A pathetic embarrassment is all the iMac currently is. If you can't use it without the screen picking up dust waves in it and staining the screen. What's the point? You've only had a few years Apple. You...
  Casual encounters huh... ;)   I can see the benefit of this app for some. Craiglist, eBay etc.
Correct.   Leopard was no shining OS when it was released. A complete dog until a few revisions passed by.
The screen part is certainly not new.   People have been making mockups of these things for years. Covers with displays that show updates, I can remember MS and a third party showing mockups.    Granted not touchscreen but the same idea.
This may well of been a controlled leak.    Certainly wouldn't be a bad thing for Apple to move away completely from Samsung. Now that the nasty personal attacks are in full flow. Samsung need Apple more than Apple need Samsung.    It will take a bit of time but Apple can get their requirements met elsewhere.
Well with the FW Dongle released these could be used more in business now. I'll get a few in and see how they go.
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