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Microsoft just move from one embarrassment to another.   Always good for a chuckle though.
Please. POP3?   If I was still using that then I could accept a week of email outage each year on IMAP. As I would spend about that much time trying to work around the problems POP3 causes.
I wouldn't worry he will do that.
SCSI... Really???   This is good news, a very very welcome addition to Thunderbolt. The lack of a FW adapter was an issue for a lot of people I know.   It would be good to know if you can Target Disk mode through it and boot off it.   FW800 is a great port, but I imagine this adapter will signal its demise. I'm personally not ready for FW to go yet.
AMD could offer him something Apple couldn't or wouldn't. Right or wrong its good for people to move on. Not for the company that employs them, but for them personally. His CV has a lot of moves in it already.
    I would be interested to know this. I have been weighing up a Sonos vs Airplay system. In many ways its a closed vs open argument. Airplay is good and seems to always be getting better but its not quite at the Sonos level yet.
Couldn't bring myself to part with money for an XBOX but I am being forced to look around to bring on demand services to my ailing CRT. Hoping that I won't have to with an ATV. But part of me knows that unless there is an app store it will have to be US centric to take off.
  That is the least likely out of any scenario I can think of. The BBC's mandate is to reach as many UK TV license payers as possible. The iPlayer is on practically everything, they are not the issue.
Same here. But its yet to happen. They could of ironed it out by now if they were really interested.
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