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Please allow third party services...   The Apple TV is pretty much useless in the UK.   If they were to allow iPlayer, Demand 5, 4OD and iTV Player then they would have a very desirable box...   Still, even without these its a good box. It could be so much more though with a few software improvements.
It wasn't their finest 1.0 release. That is for certain.
Thanks :(   What a shame. Activity Window has gone as well? It can't be bought back via the dev menu?   Would they not stop dumbing these things down. Seriously less is not always more!
Has RSS been completely removed?   Can anyone recommend an RSS reader. Always used Safari and have been very happy with it.   Shame to see it go.
Sadly, he is not wrong though is he.It is a real shame. It is unlikely to hurt Apple at all as they are so far ahead of Windows. But it would be nice if they would stop with all the stripping out of OSX.The situation almost calls for and OS X Pro. Still X / X Server 10.6.8 will do for a good while yet in most enterprise / business environments.
I have to add my voice to the list of people who do not like the amount of stuff being thrown in to OS X nowadays.   Its not so bad if you don't have to use it or it can be ignored.   But the changes post 10.6 to iCal, Address Book etc. Are possibly the worst UI and interface construction I can ever remember Apple doing all the way back to System 7 and before.    Infuriatingly useless. In some cases such as iCal it makes working with it far more difficult. It...
Sorry dpnorton82. Were you being serious?   Oh yes digitalclips. That is what we should be worried about.........            
I am in complete and utter shock. Reading some of these comments has just alarmed me, how intolerant and prejudice people are. I am not gay, I am a heterosexual male with a partner. I do not know where to begin, some of the posts here convey and articulate such a unbelievably small and incapable consciousness. I do not even know where to begin with what is so wrong and medieval with the opinions and statements. One statement regarding teaching morals and...
I'm depressed
My dreams are coming true. Computer, hello computer! http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=v9kTVZiJ3Uc Apple seem far more alligned with the physical manuipulation of a machine not verbal at the moment
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