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More possibilities
IBM have been making changes in the Mac side for a few years altering the program from 6.5, 6.5.5, 7 and now 8 It has steadily become more Mac like since the switch to 7 and more so in 8. 7 introduced the app as a complete package etc. This is not as bad as it sounds. Notes is a strong product.
Okay I can understand people think they are being ripped off but you are not. You bought the iPod as it is. Apple said they will be updating the iPhone they NEVER said they would be adding features to the iPod Touch. It is now a feature of the Touch. If you bought one before you will feel a little bit cheesed off but you have to accept the facts. I have an iPhone and expect the software updates. I do not however think that the iPhone software update 2.0 will be free for...
I do not think this is so bad for Apple. It is good for the consumer, however from my persective it angers me that the "big 4" are doing this and excluding Apple (unless MacWorld brings something) Because of this I will not be using the Amazon store and will be sourcing my DRM free music elsewhere. Do you smell that? Smells like fat record execs dieing
A good read
Depends what is going in the bin though could be a complete re-design if this much asked for medium tower exists
The download business is such a mess I'm staying out as is everyone I know. Come to the table with something good and I will look at it but at the moment its all crap
This is a very stupid idea from Apple.It can work well but as pointed out means that its not first come first served basis. Also when the store is busy and peole want to pay by cash the Genius bar will be overunning and full as it is 100% of the time in the UK and people will have to wait.The worst idea possible. I have asked 14 of us so far in the office who all use the Regent Street store and we all think its a waste of time and will likely make us shop elsewhere. Might...
Thank you.. He does care as do I!
Hmmm it is needed but this does not prove anything yet. I hope they are developing alot of angles. Notes and Exchange support would however break down some more barriers.
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