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Good idea that. Please for the love of god do not kill the mini and just give it some luurvvve
Are we saying it will be a powerhouse i.e macbook pro or a shrunk macbook?
The BBC is no longer the impartial reporter it once was. The UK has distinctly anti Apple tendancies imo. Not specific to Apple but in general the UK does not accept and adapt to new things quickly and in most cases happily.
Or if you live in the UK they convert then put 30% on top *twats*
Seems like a slightly odd and confusing set of plans. Interesting that it is available with a plan and without and then non network specific, at a reasonable price compared to Germany.
Sorry your wrong. See it all the time, people go to itms if its not there they download it from p2p. They go to itms first as they know its good quality and cheap. Its the easiest option ( which is why it is so successful ) The arguement is very far from BS.
Have two 5 doors as a "fun car". For use in nice weather (not very often at the moment!)
Sadly I think Apple are more than aware of the situation and are happy to sit back for a while and take the cream customers. This is no doubt why 02 went along with it. get the big spenders etc, people who do not go looking for the best deals down to the pound etc. No pro sumer but certainly a good business move.
I think it does hold water, perhaps it was mis construed. As a piece of hardware it is overlooked. People saying they would not buy it cause it is too expensive. When in reality the hardware is a good deal. The contract is a slightly different matter though.It does indeed The majority of iPods sold are not big capacity HD ones now though. The nano shuffle etc, so based on that it replaces peoples mini players as well. Obviously HD iPods are different but time will allow...
Ah I see. I have coughed up for an iPhone but being from the Uk don't see Europe very often unless its from staring accross the channel
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