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Lets be honest. Most consumers are idiots. They do not realise that it is a iPod you would pay £xx for as well as a phone so don't see it like that. They see it as £269 for a phone
Good point solipsism. Somehow I think you may be slightly correct, however in the Uk it is not a bad deal due to the unlimited data, though this has not made its way to Germany so I see not much of advantage their They will clean up with a European friendly iPhone with the second one. However Apple's main market is the US and for the US this phone is more than suitable, just lacks slightly in some area's for Europe. Also think you are correct that this is a "creaming"...
I would be interested to know this as well
I have needed mobile data for a long time email etc but nothing has really hit the spot all too expensive and horrible to use + no mac synching. The iPhone does it all for me. However for a person who wants to makecalls listen to music etc you can get a free phone. Apple need to understand this. However I have the feeling they do understand this and to watch for the iPhone 2 as I imagine thi sis here to "cream" from those, like me who are prepared to pay for something...
This issue is definately not a 10.5 related one. It may be more prominant on newer machines etc, maybe a component change? or 10.5 may bring it out more. But it was definately an issue within 10.4. We manage circa two thousand macs and have noticed it before 10.5
Correct we have a fleet of Macs running 10.4.8 and late MacBook Pro's on 10.4.9 It affects them
Here it begins then.. At around €1000 so £700 nice why not just bump it up to €1500 so it hits the £1000 mark so we can archive this Vodafone tantrum
Oh my god.Is the world going mad?If Apple want to sell there bloody phone on T Mobile only then they should be able to. Fuck Vodafone the brainless idiots they had their chance and would not play ball.Same as some people on here, what is wrong with you? This guy has got the idea, maybe you like taking it from the networks. But the deal in the UK is a good one as far as I am concerned and I came from 1000 min/txt a month for £25.Apple have started something here and the...
Not according to 02 you can not have unlimited data.
Bang there you have it.
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