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Apple: One billion? You can collect that from Samsung, just say Apple sent us to collect their debt.
Hey Ireland I got this one. *kaslap*
With all due respect, your answer is ass dumb.
30 more days does not solve any subscriber's problem. MobileMe shouldn't have been released, these issues are not Server overload issues nor are they oversight issues. Instead they are typical your typical fresh-code issues that should be in the alpha or early stages of beta. Definitely not ready for prime-time.
MobileMe has more problems than just the loss of the iDisk feature. The Javascript returns numerous errors, on one of my sessions using Mail I got 162 errors (good code should've given zero errors). You can view such errors using the Firefox's plugin FireBug. However, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that they're using Prototype AJAX, which I think is more efficient than dojo. MobileMe was not ready for release, it is still in early Beta. I don't know why Apple...
I am personally not very happy with OSX Leopard or OSX Leopard Server nor their recent bug-ridden updates, nor the fact that their next major bug release is 11 months from now. Windows XP has some features that the Mac should've had for years, such as in a two monitor setup, not having to run your mouse back to your first monitor to access your drop-down menus. Having said that, I have no sympathy for Microsoft and I'd love to see them slip into oblivion. At the same...
oh gosh he looks terrible!
Bob's your uncle!
You're obviously not using a server/client workflow.
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