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That is not true, Apple had the Mac-IIci as an alternative to the overpriced Mac-II. The IIci used the same quality components and was considerably cheaper, for people who couldn't afford a Mac II the IIci was perfect. Then in the early 90's Apple came out with the Quadra-700 which was also an alternative to the overpriced Quadra-950 and both machines were one of Apple's most successful ones, they both put Apple in the pro print arena and gave people a glimpse into the...
Exactly! I need a mid-tower because I'd like to have two 20" monitors and a 12" Wacom. MacPro starts at a whopping $2,700, it's insane! iMac and the Mac-mini cannot serve my needs. If that doesn't happen soon, I'll be forced to buy a nice PC box, install hackintosh, and slowly migrate to the dark, and more flexible, side. It'll be sad... been an Apple user since 1981.
The Finder still sucks, file browsing on XP is much easier than on OSX, Apple might be selling more machines now than before but they're losing their edge in user-experience that they once had. Also, I don't know how many people use dual-monitors but having two separate applications each running on a separate monitor is not at all intuitive on OSX, the menu bar can only exist on one of the two screen, and again XP gives you menus on both screens. You can't move or...
because if you buy an iphone you wouldn't need to buy an ipod.
ok let's get something straight here. The Phone part in the iPhone costs only $100, the rest of it is an iPod Touch which costs $299. Therefore, $299+$100=$399 So stop calling it a $400 phone!
my job is not at Pixar. what's yours?
my job sucks
Running things in many different accounts might be a burden on the OS, it has to deal with multiple account settings simultaneously. Try using Spaces instead, treat each Space as a separate Log-in, your computer and Applications should run considerably faster. If you choose to go that route, quit all Apps in other accounts.
We need Apple to listen closely, we've been begging for a mid-tower Mac for ages!
Oh great... another IBM promise, whatever!
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