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The older dock had many more features than this one: 1- You could add the cheaper standard memory in the dock. Allowing you to use both memories simultaneously. 2- You could add a "math co-processor" that would make the device much faster when docked. They are be able to add a place for a secondary processor that would allow the computer to function as a dual when docked. 3- Two PCI slots for video cards and/or network cards. You could have dual monitors when...
You're right. But after streaming it's gotta download it, and that gets annoying especially with multiple iTune accounts.
If the Movie is 2 hours long and is in HD format then it should be, at the very least, 3GB in size. ATV does not stream video except for some You-Tube shows, Movie Trailers, and TV Show Trailers. If they somehow do the same streaming for rented movies, then that would be awesome, but the quality would be ho-hum, try watching the Beowulf Trailer on ATV. As for FiOS it is not very friendly with Airport, it requires large packets for it to run at 15Mbps (they required me to...
I don't know how many users on this forum bought a movie off of iTunes for their Apple TV. Many seem to think that the service is instantaneous - well it's not. When you purchase a movie iTunes takes about 1.5 hours to download it to your computer and then a few more minutes to download it to your ATV, if you're not watching YouTube. If that movie happens to be High-Definition, like many are demanding, I would only imagine it taking 3 hours or more, depending on your...
One missing feature that bothers me on the iPhone, is when searching for something using the Maps app, I cannot click a button to add my resulting info into my address book!! Instead, I have to write it all down and re-enter it. Another thing is the dialing of numbers after a Pause (comma). I use a calling card for long-distance calls, so in my address book I enter the card's local number, then I insert a Pause (comma) followed by the actual long-distance number. ...
I don't see why Apple doesn't make the Fan view scrollable with a mouse's scroll-wheel. I guess that would make too much sense!
let's not forget: - Patents - Future patent infringement lawsuits
the shortage might be a marketing stunt to help raise awareness of the Zune and imply that it's the new hot thing in the market.
Ditto... or liquid handsoap
xmac xmac xmac
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