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Wow Pixelmator is nice! Add Curves, Color Modes, Path tool, and Slices and it will become a very serious contender to Adobe's Photoshop.
Unfortunately Apple has little regard for the PPC platform, Leopard runs much better on Intel. OSX Server always had SMB and permission problems but Apple doesn't seem to care about them, they'd rather tell you how flawless OSX is. Leopard has some of the biggest bugs when it comes to permissions. I really cannot recommend OSX Server anymore, Apple just doesn't get the IT market. Although Mac OSX Server is cheaper and has some nifty features over XP, the risks are not...
I have the HP2605dn at home, and at work we use a whole bunch of HPs too they all work beautifully. The trick is to ALWAYS buy a Ethernet printer and to avoid USB unless you are CERTAIN that the driver is perfect. Ethernet printers can print through a PPD which are virtually platform independent (a PPD is a simple text file that describes the printer and its capabilities), USB printers on the other-hand must communicate through a proprietary software-application-driver...
Did you specify the genre in iTunes?
Apple should integrate hulu.com in Apple TV. That will be so awesome
Right on! I couldn't have said it better.
And that's why voice recording is also necessary, we wouldn't have to jot things down while driving, we can record the conversation and update the calendar and address book later. Third-party programmers can't supply audio-recording because the SDK will not allow it, so it's in Apple's hands. But I must agree your situation is quite extreme, for something like that you really should pull-over.
olé clip of the year.
The idea is fantastic, but I don't see how this can work with microscopic cameras and no common lens.
I too agree, John Lilly makes good sense here.
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