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I for one am not looking forward to Flash on the iPhone, I think the browser works great as it is. Adding processor intensive plug-ins will result in a hampered user experience. Flash has horrible performance on the Mac, and Adobe is taking the MS route by making their apps cpu and memory hogs.
WOW! That's mostly practical too. Except the 'would be problem' with the multi-touch notebook when in the closed position, the distance between the users finger/stylus to the image would be way too far, this causes a visual alignment problem between the actual image and the position of the finger/stylus, especially when the user moves or when accessing items closer to the edges of the screen. Wacom overcame this problem in their Cintiq models by adhering the extra thin...
The two bridges stand for, the iPhone's SDK, and the new xMac!
Voice dialing is especially important for the iPhone because there is no-way to feel the numbers with your fingers when driving, so you must take your eyes off the road, look at your screen and touch the numbers. If you're using the address book and the number you need is not in your Favorites, you must first click the Phone icon, click the contacts icon, scroll to find your contact, click it, and then click the number to dial from the contact info screen. You must do all...
Cool, although that icon seems too small to be clickable, but I guess it will be changed. So now all we need are: 1- Voice Dialing, for calling while driving. 2- Voice Recording, for taking audio notes on the go.
Intel Macs were first introduced in 2006, and Intel MacPros were introduced in Aug '06. Merely 1.5 years ago. Hardly "ancient technology" wouldn't you say.
Yes, for many years now.
Booga, that was very informative. Wow! Do you think current Java apps need to be "recompiled" to take advantage of the speed boost?
Whatever! Some people like myself purchase a computer to be able to use for over 3 years, especially one that is being trumpeted as "lasts longer than a PC". Using the latest OS is not a problem, but having to buy new hardware is. Especially when $6,000+ were already spent on a Powermac G5 and a Powerbook G4. Abster2core thank you for your bigoted response.
New Posts  All Forums: