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Did anyone realize that the iPhone SDK runs only on Intel Macs??
How can Windows 7 screenshots help you plan to purchase your next computer? Furthermore, Microsoft allowed many PC manufacturers to claim they were Vista enabled when in reality they weren't. Let's compare that scenario with Apple's announcement of OSX, it worked with the iMac as announced by SJ.
- Could you please show us road-maps for HP, Dell, RIM, Palm, and MS? - I remember processor roadmaps that were given to Apple by Motorola and IBM... Yeah not very reliable. - Apple still supports early versions of OS X on their website, click on Apple's Support-tab, on the LHS you'll see a drop-down menu where you can select "Mac OS X 10.2 and earlier"
Good work AI, this article is very helpful. Does anyone know if the Time Capsule is any faster than the Airport Extreme? I find the Airport Extreme to be slower than claimed. On my PowerBook I only get 5Mbps using the built-in Extreme card and a full-power signal. Compare that to almost 17Mbps when connected to the same Airport but over Ethernet. I know Ethernet is faster than wireless, but shouldn't I get at-least 11Mbps on my wireless?
I dig that Atari Joystick icon.
Microsoft and technology should never be in the same sentence. Xerography is more appropriate.
Hopefully they'll have voice recording for taking notes on the go, and voice activated dialing for calling from behind the wheel. Almost forgot... recording video.
What are you talking about?? It's already in stores, check this out:http://youtube.com/watch?v=eXpbGaIkPlw
Several patents filings within the past few years indicate that much of that R&D might be for the Multi-Touch interface, software, and hardware. I hope we'll see something more bold in the coming months, something bolder than the recent "There's Something in the Air" thingie, like a Multi-Touch computer or monitor. Or maybe just a darn minitower already!
This is not a Caller ID feature which receives the caller's name and number from the phone company, this patent uses only the number from an incoming call and compares it with the phone's database to bring-up the name of the caller. It's not really a Caller-ID. Furthermore, and unlike Apple, other phone-companies who used his patent, probably returned his calls and paid the royalty fees. As mentioned before, Apple's assumed high profit margin of 50% on the iPhone...
New Posts  All Forums: