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Jailbreaking software that ended up bricking the iPhone! People went to Apple Stores to try and get their bricked iPhones fixed, some insisted on getting their entire phone replaced by Apple because it failed to operate.
The following clip is from the Apple-Store MBP 17", only the last two options use LEDs and cost $100 more:Display Choose between two resolution options for the 17-inch (diagonal) display on your MacBook Pro. With either resolution, choose a standard antiglare display or a glossy display that lets you view graphics, photos, and videos with richer color and deeper blacks.MacBook Pro 17-inch Widescreen DisplayMacBook Pro 17-inch Glossy Widescreen DisplayMacBook Pro 17-inch...
except for the 17" MBP it's an option.
I'm not an expert on graphic cards, are the new MacBook Pro graphic cards good?
AI, you've got the MacBook and the MacBook Pro titles (the ones in bold) mixed-up in your article.
Now that's a patent worth awarding, not like that retarded gift-card one. I can't wait, this will be much better than the current Wacom Cintiq tablet/display.
Bingo! There is nothing innovative, this is evolutionary.
It's kinda nerve wreaking to see Apple's Pro apps hidden under menus towards the bottom of the Store. Apple used to have a Pro Tab on their website, and now they don't! I almost forgot that Shake was an Apple product, and WebObjects has been abandoned (updated recently for compatible with Leopard), on the Apple store WO has a 1 star rating for abandonment.
We can only hope, I doubt they'll update the XRAID's firmware to accept drives beyond 750GB in the coming years, I doubt they'll update the XRAID's RAID software. Although the name "Promise" is the cheesiest name for a RAID and makes their articles difficult to read, the Promise RAID does not seem all that bad, but for us who invested heavily in Apple technology this is Dejavu, no sign of support for future firmware or software. The 250GB drives must be bought from Apple...
I disagree with this comment and agree with demenas. When you present an IT solution to your employer, and he asks you "Why should I spend $30,000 on a file server and is this a good investment?" one of the replies has to be that this technology is scalable and should last for at least 5 years. If you can't come-up with a solution that can back these two main "requirements", then you'll never get the upgrade.
New Posts  All Forums: