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Exactly! and in the IT world this is big risk.
That is true, but there are many legitimate concerns, for example many of the KVM over IP hardware is Windows and Linux accessable, it is alomost impossible to find a MULTIPORT IP-KVM that can be accessed in an OSX environment. The other is, propriatery hardware, although OSX Server is Windows friendly, to some highend applications that is not always good enough, but if you're lucky you might be able to link it via SMB. Another important concern is that many IT people are...
Well let's see... In the IT arena, two things come to mind: 1- Apple UNIX Server (not OSX), disappeared into thin air with all support and updates. 2- Apple WebObjects have been greaty marginalized. It was heavily marketted in the late 90's and into early 2000's, now it only gets compatability updates. Other things are addressing Server software issues. Permissions for example, had many shortcomings in OSX Server that took years to address. eg when propegating...
This move will indeed anger many XRaid customers, especially if Apple decides to stop updating the firmware to handle larger drives (ATA or SATA). This is one example of why many IT professionals avoid Apple, Apple has a solid history in dropping technology overnight leaving their customers stranded with no where to go. Hopefully that wont be the case anymore, but still... actions like this sends chills down my spine.
BTW, when you're looking at a movie's description, pressing the UP button on your remote, displays the complete description.
I do not think so, but you can stream photos.
BTW, this new ATV software update is fabulous! The device has suddenly become lavishly useful.
I watched the trailer for WALLe in HD, looks very crisp. The download and buffering times have been dramatically reduced too. Awesome So when is the next update due? \
Suuure! right around the corner eh? Just like Apple TV's upgrade, isn't today the fourth week? Flash support yay, now I'll be able to watch all those annoying Flash ads.
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