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I doubt Apple was up because of Citigroup, many tech companies were up today including Dell, HP, Sprint, ATT, IBM, Yahoo, Google, but not MSFT down 1.16%
You mean something like an xMac? What a brilliant idea, why didn't I think of that!
For me the argument is the lower bound. I would not be running my screen at a six point brightness, I would do a three or four, and I can't browse the internet while listening to music, it's too distracting and not relevant to a low-bound testing anyway. Moreover, when browsing the internet, I could stay on as much as 10 minutes or more on some pages, not 20 secs. The lower bound benchmark should've looked more like this: - Screen brightness 4. - Script to browse...
Does anyone know of a Receipt Scanner for the Mac, something similar to NeatReceipt but for the Mac. I have hundreds of receipts and I'd like to get them scanned for tax purposes. NeatReceipt should be available by June with some missing features, which is disappointing and too late for my needs anyway. \ Thanx in advance.
Adobe is providing them for free, and why shouldn't they? It's a great idea, you can look at the software in detail before buying it or considering it for your business. And you can always be informed on how to use new features and how to do things different(ly). The Adobe podcasts are a lifesaver, I watch all the episodes.
Yes it is... And I don't know why it took so long with such lacking effort. I subscribe to a podcast by Adobe that teaches how to use Adobe products, and they have new classes every week, sometimes 3x per week. Ironically I can get these podcasts on my Apple TV but there are no available Apple-Training podcasts. I'd like to see training podcasts for FCP, Shake, Motion, LiveType, Soundtrack Pro, etc.
The actual quality of movies I purchased for my ATV was considerably better than the ones shown at the Apple Store. Depending on how picky you are, I personally could not easily distinguish them from DVD. The quality is good.
Typical MW announcements! I'm disappointed but not surprised.
I agree the details are pathetic! What's next? "This upgrade addresses issues" or "This upgrade makes your application happier" As for ATV, yeah where the heck is that update? This is so typical of SJ, I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't make it this week. I'll be frustrated, but I wouldn't be surprised.
New Posts  All Forums: