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Microsoft's problem is that Windows source-code is cumbersome. I think may see Windows 7 in 2011 but it would really be what a working Vista. However, I do believe Microsoft is working on a new operating system, I doubt that they decided to stick to the Windows code for life. Something similar to when NT came out, it was new and popular. As for Mac OS X, I think Steve may skip 10.6 and jump right into OS 11 and use canine names. OS XI Doberman WHO LET THE DOGS OUT
SJ said the Atv should be out in two weeks, which is early next week and before 10.5.2
Keep in mind: I have my TimeMchine working over FireWire 400, and it does slow down the computer, my applications, and my computer's overall responsiveness. I would not consider putting my TimeMachine drive over a wireless network and have it slow down my system even more, unless I have small data on my HD that doesn't need much backing up.
Apple can tumble itself right back up if it had introduced something like the darn xMac. This is so retarded, there is such a large market for such a device.
I have no support for my following claims, but I'll bet that the 135 Million Lotus users are comprised of airport-terminal-applications, McDonalds cash registers, and other closed proprietary systems. Furthermore, I bet that the 135 number was grossly exaggerated, maybe as much as saying it is how many copies and licenses were sold in the lifetime of Lotus rather than the active user-base. I have no facts except for that it's been many years ago since I ran into anyone...
Like many, IBM has a history of making half-assed Mac software. Lotus? I can't remember anyone using Lotus in years. IBM had always been a bureaucracy and is now surviving on previous Patents. I'll be surprised if anything good, or bad, comes out of this.
The MacBook Air is awesome, fabulous, sexy, thin, light, and innovative in most ways. Only 2GB RAM, only 80GB HD, or the shameless $999 for a smaller solid state HD. Beautiful, Underpowered, Overpriced. Apple will soon be reliving the Cube days.
nice! now you'll have to wait two weeks till the firmware is available.
Great! This is a HUGE step from the previous ATV, I can't wait. This news is way more important to me than the MacBook Anorexia.
Apple can't even catchup to current iPhone hacks. I must admit though the Google maps features are nice.
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