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The straight comparison is too low, since we know the new 15" can't drop all the ports the way the MacBook did.I'm hoping we get to the 4lb level. A drop in the starting price would also be cool, since we can't upgrade anything inside anymore.
 Actually, the current 15" is 4.49 pounds. I've been critical of Apple's obsession with shrinking the iMac's size in the past, but I've also said repeatedly that dropping the half-pound on the 15" would lead to a surge in sales from a lot of pros who currently choose the 13" just for portability. It sounds a bit silly, but I think 4lbs is really the magic number for 15", and Dell has managed to hit it first. How embarrassing.
Dell just introduced their Skylake 15", which includes Thunderbolt 3 (though not USB 3.1), a thin bezel and and hits the magic weight of 4lbs.   This comes after Redmond just went public with a 13" MacBook Pro competitor that also looks pretty good. If this continues for much longer, the next MacBook Pro rev will really look like a "Me Too" update.
I seriously doubt Apple's put off upgrading their line of pro displays for the last 5 years because they were in search of better color. To be honest, I'm not sure why they didn't upgrade the Thunderbolt Display to modern specs when the Pro came out in late 2013. But to hamstring a new Mac Pro because of "better color" tech coming two years down the road doesn't really sound like how Cupertino operates.
If it's the 5K, updated with a new Skylake chip and ports, it's probably easy for Apple to keep the wraps on it. Leaks only tend to show up when third party suppliers have new parts to contribute. This is all motherboard.
 I can't imagine they'd release the new iMacs without TB3/USB-C. Why would anyone buy brand new computers with old ports?
I like political discussions as much as anyone, but keep them in the PO forum.   The 4K Retina iMac must not be drowned out by politics, especially when some of us are waiting to buy this year's upgrade, and the media event (if there is one coming) hasn't been announced yet.
As last year with Yosemite, I will be grateful to any Bothans who can supply information on whether Adobe CS5 works with El Capitan.   I'm particularly interested in whether Adobe InDesign CS5 has any issues, since Photoshop can now be replaced if necessary (for me anyway) by Affinity Photo.
Apple introduced the 5K iMac and an upgraded Mac Mini on the same day of Yosemite's release last year. On a Thursday in mid-October.   So perhaps they've decided to release El Capitan earlier this year just because it was ready, or maybe they want to release a .1 update before releasing the new Skylake Macs in mid-to-late October.   The lack of rumours at this stage is troubling though. I'm waiting for the fall upgrades to purchase, so maybe I'm just getting antsy.
Apple's chosen to make El Capitan available via press release. No Skylake hardware announcements yet, but for now it is beginning to look like I was wrong about an October Mac event.
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