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 No, it's not hard to understand. Not at all. Apple hates the Mini. Or, at the very least, Cupertino isn't really fond of it. Apple's culture believes that not controlling the entire user experience almost killed the company. They see headless desktops as a legacy of the pre-iMac days where the beige LC, Performa and Power Macs made the desktop computer a style-less commodity. A Mac desktop user without a built-in screen only contributes a fraction of the margin to Apple's...
Outside the price range. The iPad and Mini are already on the same level price-wise. But right now, the iPad doesn't have multitasking.
With multitasking added and a rumoured 13" screen size in the fall, the iPad looks set to become Apple's default solution for a low end home PC.   I have no idea what that means for the Mini, but it's probably not good.
This has really been annoying me. I would have sworn that Apple has previously used the El Capitan code name for a hardware product in the Power Mac range.   Am I imagining this? I haven't seen it referenced in the WWDC coverage.
I'm not a developer and so have no horse in this race, but it seems to me that if WWDC is sold out (and it always is) then it can only help Apple to have the keynote shown at another developer conference taking place simultaneously.   I could understand if they were charging for the event, but it's a free online stream.
 This is no time to be humorous. Ports are really important stuff, especially concerning protocols that aren't yet available, made for computers that won't be announced for months, due to chips that aren't yet manufactured.
 Thank you. It's like this article went out of its way to bury the important news.
 And where are you planning on purchasing the software to run on this non-Intel Mac?
  I'll go further than that. I believe we're going to see TWO Thunderbolt displays this fall. I think we'll see an 8K version of the iMac/Thunderbolt Display in the 28"-32" range, and a 4K iMac/Thunderbolt Display in the 21"-24" range.
That does sound like a good plan. I've personally always struggled with going the external RAID option. Never really understood the RAID thing and never preferred my hard drive with all my files being left so vulnerable to theft. (Must go back to my time in a cubicle, when office supplies (even chairs) suddenly became community property.) And yes, I do understand an iMac is just as vulnerable to theft. I'm irrational, okay? Truth be told, I like having the hard drive be a...
New Posts  All Forums: