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The Mac Pro's power is fine, and the new version will have the expected upgrades. Where Mac Observer has a point is the inelegant form factor. I'm sure Ive likes the wow factor of the glossy trash can sparkling on his desk, but anyone who has to use 6 or 7 of the ports will tell you that the whole thing looks like a rat's nest of cables and bland boxes cluttering a workspace. The Old Mac Pro was big and noisy, but it did keep a whole bunch of stuff hidden away really good.
That this question didn't get an answer from anyone is not encouraging.
OS X is the numerical version. It's a Roman numeral, not a letter. It's pronounced OS 'Ten' El Capitan. There's really no big deal if Apple decides to use Mac OS XI, Mac OS 11 or Mac OS 2016. The branding isn't really affected. It is, however, really unlikely that they'll keep OS X branding at the top whilst changing the Version numbering to 11.xx.x below.
There's absolutely no 'brand equity' in Apple using the number 10. And it is a number 10, not a letter X. We went from System 7 to OS 8, OS 9 and OS X (10). We'll be fine when we move on to the next designation, be it OS XI or 11. Reverting to Mac OS simply offers a consistency in Apple's OS naming scheme. Given that the OS is now free, the cool codename probably matters more than the official numbering scheme for those who are really invested in Apple's branding.
 Any idea when they're expected to ship?
Intuit is shopping the Quicken franchise around but they've just upgraded Quicken for the next year. (It would be interesting to see Apple pick it up, integrate Apple Pay somehow and take a run at banking.)   But if you don't like the hassle of switching apps, you might want to give it a try again. Looking like a good upgrade this time (for a change.)
Maybe Apple really is holding the new Mac Pro for a 2016 introduction in order to include Optane memory.
 Filemaker Pro is priced similar to Final Cut Pro, and that's probably about right. It's always had a prosumer feel to it.I use it personally for contacts and invoicing. The fact that you can't build a good sales management system with it has always bothered me. I don't work with it at the Enterprise level. Your criticisms certainly seem valid.Hopefully, since they're now trying to cash in on multiple user subscriptions, they'll address these weaknesses. 
Equipping a 2015 desktop with a standard 5400 rpm drive is indeed a new low for Apple. It's probably the thing that has crystallized how little they think of their Mac customers.   It is starting to seem like the Pro models won't come before Christmas, since we don't have any credible rumours about a release event yet. Even the iMacs were released without USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 which seems a bit crazy when you consider that an iMac is supposed to be held for at least...
I'm not a fan of renting software monthly. I do understand that for Photoshop pros and many larger publishing houses, the cost of Adobe CC is largely irrelevant. That's fine. I just personally don't need the latest and greatest at pro prices. I've been getting along fine with Adobe CS5. I'm not a top-tier power user and I don't feel like I've been missing a whole lot of the newer features.   Given that CS5 no longer runs on Apple's latest operating system (and CS6...
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