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 There's not much to figure out. There are 10 TB and USB ports on the Mac Pro right now. Putting less ports on the new machine would have introduced a port shortage problem needlessly.
Still no new Thunderbolt Display rumours though.   It would be nice to see a Pro event held at the end of the month with the Mac Pro + Thunderbolt 3 Display, alongside new MacBook Pros.
 If the illegal alien vote skewed Republican, I think your side would see it a lot more than a potential problem. This is knowingly rigging elections and pretending not to see it.
Thanks. I'm not really in the loop on the chip side of things, and had no idea Intel had released Skylake but was lagging on the graphics side. That's insane. No wonder Apple, who usually gets early access to chips, is lagging behind on upgrades this time. Guess this means the MacBook Pros may take awhile.
 Yes, I don't understand this choice, since it forced the iMac line to stick with Thunderbolt 2. The iMacs had been left with TB1 for so long, I assumed Apple was leapfrogging to TB3. What's the point of introducing TB2 ports on a computer in October 2015?  The earnings call is next week, so maybe they're waiting on that to unveil the new MacBook Pros. Dell and HP seem to have equalled the current industrial design, so I'm hoping Apple has something special up its sleeve....
 Affinity Photo has full CMYK workflow for professionals. Affinity Publisher will have the same. Pixelmator didn't include CMYK because the principals didn't see the need for it - they thought RGB was the future and didn't plan out CMYK support when they built the product. The fact that Affinity has come from nowhere and built full CMYK support shows that it's not that difficult. You just have to think it out at the beginning, realizing your product isn't going to be used...
There's likely some sort of backlog or delay on Thunderbolt 3 parts. This sets the new iMacs up for a Yikes/Sawtooth transition (named for my horrible Y2K Mac Pro experience where my Yikes model was superceded by the much better Sawtooth G4 model just months after purchase. I think come early 2016, we'll see the wholesale conversion to TB3/USB-C ports.
Yes, Affinity Publisher sounds good as well. I haven't seen it yet. It will likely take two of three versions to be usable in design shops, but it's great to see another Mac-only company doing to Photoshop what Quark should have done ages ago.
 Which is why Pixelmator is yesterday's news. Affinity Photo does CMYK, and is likely the Photoshop alternative we've been waiting for.
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